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Go Ahead, Call Me Mr. Wilson

fall3I DON’T CARE WHAT THE CALENDAR SAYS – Today is the last day of Summer. Astronomically, or maybe it’s Cosmologically, or it might even have to do with the window displays at the Hallmark Store, but Summer ends today.

fall 1


The months to come don’t end in “Ber” for nothing. Come the Fall and it starts to get colder and I go “Brrr.” (A slight variation in the spelling I know, but still…)

Summer ends and the days start to become noticeably shorter, I pack away my Hawaiian Shirts, and I dig out my sweatshirts. The heavy comforter goes back on the bed and I begin my search for the ice scraper to put in the car. Dark days indeed. I even begin to contemplate letting my beard grow longer – strictly for insulation purposes you understand. I’m too far down life’s road to be a Hipster (See blog dated 8/9/16).

When I was a kid the new school year always started just after Labor Day and I think that is what is cemented into the cracks in the driveway of my mind that Summer ended when September began.

Summer = Sunshine and Fun

Autumn = Nuns dressed in black and homework by the pound

It’s just the kind of thing to make an optimist like me want to kick Santa in the chops.

(Musical Interlude)

I just took a short break to refill my cup and I paused to look out of the window. I saw two birdthings that supported my Theory of Long Lost Relativity: I saw a leaf fall from a tree, and I saw a robin, that eternal harbinger of Spring, sitting on the hood of the car.

The leaf was just a leaf, soon to be followed by millions more. The robin was wearing a scarf and carrying two small suitcases. (OK, that’s not true. It was just an overnight bag.) As it flew off it left a derogatory souvenir on the windshield. He craps on us and then flies to Boca until Easter. Not nice. Not nice, at all.

The frost is not yet on the pumpkins, but what is it with all of the pumpkins I’m seeing around town? Halloween is still two months away. There may not be any frost on them, but I suspect a little orange paint is being used to make them look ripe this early.

I know that to some people the coming of Autumn and then Winter are joyous occasions. Personally, I think those people are sick in the head – but then who am I to judge.cold

I’m sure there will be some lovely warm days yet before we descend into really cold (Anything below 70°) weather. I will prepare by going through my sweaters, sweatshirts and thermal anything. I’ll do this, so that when I see that first snowflake I will be able to raise my clenched fist in defiance knowing that it is in a nice and toasty warm glove.

I just reviewed this entire piece and, Boy, does it ever make me sound like a real Curmudgeon – a Mr. Wilson clone to a cute little Dennis the Menace.

Grumble, Grumble

I’m cool with that.


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5 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Call Me Mr. Wilson

  1. I liked this “lead into Fall” and even the Winter references, John. However……I guess I’m one of the “sick in the head” people. I’m always telling people not to panic during the Summer, ’cause “Snow’s On The Way”. Love it!! But you….Bah, Humbug guy….you don’t like Winter. Hmmm…….I presume you make an exception of liking the change of seasons, and enjoy the Holidays before all that, some call, nasty snow and cold in January and February?? Oh, well, “to each his own”. I got that saying from you, but I also saw the movie. 🙂

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  2. Great post, John. I always smile and chuckle.


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