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Advantage – Bats!

bats1FIRST IT WAS MOUNTAIN LIONS, then it was Black Bears – and now it’s Bats. So far there are no Tigers involved.

I swear, this town is beginning to look like the Waiting Room for Noah’s Ark.


A few short years ago in Terre Haute (That’s French for, “What do you mean ‘I look delicious?’”) we had Mountain Lions prowling just two blocks from us and we are now getting reports that Black Bears are expanding their habitat into our area. Bears will not be a good addition to the neighborhood if you have dogs or cats – and the resident Coyotes (Yes, we already have Coyotes) will not like the competition.

The latest in our civic “Adventures in Wildlife” has been on the local news for about a week. One of our Middle Schools has been taken over by Bats – Lots of Bats. To date 84 bats have been counted.

bats4The kids have gotten a few extra days of Summer Vacation because of this, but now the School District has decided to move all of the kids to another school until they can figure out what to do.

Tough decision isn’t it? Should we get rid of the bats or should we keep the bats? Heaven forbid they should decide to spend any money to bring in people to get rid of the Bats! Nobody there wants their name on any checks.

This is the same bunch of School District Officials who are hip deep in an investigation by the FBI about some hanky panky with taxpayer money. The School District office is packed with people who hold Doctoral degrees in all sorts of allegedly useful areas: Education, Administration, Shady Accounting, etc. None of them, apparently, have any degrees in Common Sense or how to use Google. Here is a link to one of their “spokespersons” issuing a statement about the situation.

It is a masterpiece of “WTF are they talking about?”

I didn’t know that Rabies was always fatal once contracted. Where has she been for the last 130 years? I think that Louis Pasteur would be a little miffed about his Rabies vaccine being forgotten. Oh, well.

If they want to get rid of the Bats at minimal cost I offer the following solution –

Get every student who goes to school there – hand each of them a tennis racquet – and turn them loose in the school. These are Middle School kids. They are little more than hormones in shoes. They would really dig the chance to go berserk in school without getting in trouble.bats2

Not only would the Bats be gone before lunch, you would also discover which kids should be on the school’s Tennis Team. Thank you. There will be no charge for this advice.

I’m sorry if I sound a little bitter about this whole Bat business. It just seems to me that the people who have responsibility for the education and safety of the students are walking around pointing fingers at each other saying, “You do something. I don’t want to make any decisions.”

In light of everything that these “Educators” have either done or not done in the last year I think it would warrant (They have come to hate that word) having all of them looking for work in another field of endeavor.

Maybe they can get work in the Animal Control Department – as long as no Bats are involved.  


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2 thoughts on “Advantage – Bats!

  1. I think you’re being too easy on the VCSC, John. But, it was a good blog. You know, I had bats in my 2 1/2 story old home a few years back. They got in through a small opening in the window frame where the fan was mounted. I didn’t have as many as SS and they didn’t get out of the attic. I made sure they didn’t spread. Guess what I did to be rid of them. I cleared the attic window of any obstacles and spread mothballs all around the floor. They don’t like mothballs! They flew out two-three at a time. Took about an hour. Only saw one return after I closed things up. It hung on the outside for awhile. I spread a few mothballs in the windowsill and it finally got enough of it and left. That was at least 10 years ago and I haven’t had a bat problem since.

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    • Oh…..I cleaned up the mothballs, but when I go up there I still get a whiff of the aroma they put out. It’s no wonder they do wonders in the drawers……and in an attic.


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