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Toyota Must Love Me After All

car1ABOUT SIX OR EIGHT MONTHS AGO I began getting snail mail, E-mail, and text messages from my local Toyota dealer telling me it was time to bring in our car for its 25,000 mile check-up. Because the car had only about 16,000 miles on it at the time I really didn’t pay much attention to their communications.

They didn’t like that.

I think they were assuming that I drove a lot more than I actually do. Before I retired I was on car2the road all day. I had to fill up the tank at least once a week, but now it is once every three weeks, if not longer. Terre Haute (That’s French for, “May I rotate your tires, Monsieur?”) is not that big a town.

I started getting a “reminder” from Toyota every week. At one point I called them to ask them to cease and desist with their onslaught of messages and junk mail. They smiled, telephonically, but nothing changed. They kept sending. I kept deleting. I kept the coupons, of course. I figured that by the time the day would come for me to take the car in they might end up owing me a few bucks.

That day was today.

I made an appointment for 8:30 AM. I was to get an oil change (with coupon) and the 25,000 mile look-see even though the car was at 23, 596 miles. I try to be flexible.

I arrived on time. I’m the punctual sort. OK – I was really 15 minutes early. I felt that it was like a doctor’s appointment where they ask you to show up early, but I didn’t bring all my meds with me. That would have filled up the car.

car3The “Customer Lounge” really does have the look and the feel of a Hospital Waiting Room and an Airport. There is a TV tuned to the Weather Channel (Must not offend anyone – except for those people who hate Jim Cantore.), more old magazines than the Mayo Clinic, and a super large screen labeled “Departures.” Instead of planes leaving for Orlando or Las Vegas, these Departures were listings of the times before customers cars would be ready to go. I was scheduled to take off at 9:30.

There were four other people in the lounge with me – two men who looked semiconscious, and car4a young woman who was intently focused on her computer. The fourth was a woman who was sitting on the leather sofa holding her head in her hands. She was the picture of Grief. I knew that she had to be the driver whose car was listed as departing at 5:00 PM. She was going to be there all day. Her car must have been in for the automotive equivalent of a heart/lung/liver/pancreas/credit limit transplant. I felt bad that there wasn’t a real gift shop there. I would have bought her some mints.

car6I was given my boarding pass and I got out of there at 9:15. Early! I got out early! That has never happened before and, except for the oil change, I left with my wallet intact. Not bad.

The only flaw in my morning was that after leaving the Toyota folks behind, I stopped at Sam’s Club and dug myself into a financial hole for the day.

It’s a good thing I don’t get too many discount coupons. I can’t afford them.


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One thought on “Toyota Must Love Me After All

  1. Funny, John. Good story. I used to “deal” a lot with car dealers, new and used. It wasn’t necessarily when shopping for a car, though. Most of my activity generated in their body shops. If I needed an opinion as to the value of a certain vehicle, that’s when I looked up a Salesman. Tried to use the same one every inquiry. He/She knew why I was walking towards them carrying a notebook, dress in nice clothes, looking official. Well, trying to look official. They helped me a lot, and I helped them a lot, too. If someone had totaled their car and were looking for a deal, I would suggest two or three of the Salespeople I had on my list. Depended on what the prospect was looking for. I don’t remember ever having to wait. On the described occasions or when I would have to take a car in to a specific dealer for some kind of service, usually a warranty thing, I can’t ever remember having to wait. 🙂

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