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We’re Talking Survival Here

delegate1I AGREED TO BE A DELEGATE TO THIS ANNUAL MEETING. I’ve done it before, but this year it has been a real chore. I’m talking about two main reasons that are important to me – and I don’t think I’m alone on this.

These business meeting sessions begin at 10:30 AM – in and of itself not bad, but why is there no coffee available? Is that too much to ask?

I am a severe coffee aficionado and if I don’t get my coffee, people could be in danger. Give me some coffee and I’m sure we can work it all out without bloodshed.

That is problem Number One this year. Problem Number Two has to do with the heat, odelegate4r lack thereof, in this joint.

I have had my ears open and I have heard a large number of attendees raising this same issue. If I am to be asked to sit in a meeting for two hours going through “Amendments to the amendments of the bylaws” is it too much of a challenge to set the A/C to something warmer than Liquid Nitrogen?

delegateAAll week this hotel has felt like a six story, nicely furnished, ice fishing hut. I have been dealing with chronic goosebumps and finding more ice in my tea at the end of lunch than at the beginning.

Combine these two problems – vegetable crisper temps everywhere and the paganistic lack of coffee and you can see why I’m starting to get surly. Why, I nearly gnawed off someone else’s leg this morning just to get out of the business meeting – “…And now, Article Seven, subparagraph 3, section iii…” Mother Theresa would have shanked somebody to get away.

 While much has been accomplished this week and many “I”s were dotted and “T”s crossed todelegate5 make the lawyers and government happy, I think that much more could have been achieved if the delegates and other attendees were not kept in a cryogenic stasis similar to a room full of Popsicles.

If there had been hot coffee (and hot water for tea drinkers) more available I think that the business meetings would have been more democratic and efficient. No one in their right mind was going to engage in any debate at those temperatures. To do so would have prolonged the freezing time, so issues and candidates were given quick approval so that those voting could run outside in search of sunlight and warmth. Inside, things delegate6were approaching Absolute Zero (-459.67°) while just feet away, outside the hotel it was about 90° and carbon based life was sustainable.

When I was packing to come here to Sunny Detroit (Dearborn) I had a nice sweatshirt folded and ready to go. At the last minute I changed my mind and pulled it from my suitcase. Silly me. Chilly me. Upper Respiratory Alarmed me.delegate7

Next year we are meeting in Georgia. Before going I think I’ll see if I can pick up one of those “Survival Suits” I see the crab fishermen on “Deadliest Catch” wearing when their ship is about to spill them into the Arctic Ocean. It might be overkill, but then again, it might keep me alive until some hot coffee is delivered.delegate8

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One thought on “We’re Talking Survival Here

  1. Yep, I know what you’re talking about! Sure do. This week is the International Barbershop Harmony convention and competition in Nashville, TN. I’m not attending this year, but in prior years the hotels, where many of the “extras” are held, were so cold the Mrs. and I and many others, had to wear sweatshirts and some have had jackets over that. The auditoriums at the various performance locations for Quartets and Mens’ Choruses, though, have been comfortable. Still, we learned early on to pack warm items, even when the conventions were held in the Southwest and Southeast in July. Don’t remember one year that we didn’t have to use them. But……….they have always had hot coffee and tea. Sometimes donuts and rolls. That helped.


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