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Baseball, Cotton Candy, With The Occasional Fruit Bat

next1EVERY YEAR IT IS IN A DIFFERENT CITY. This year’s Annual National Church Conference is in Detroit (Dearborn, between you and me), but next year it will be held on the campus of Piedmont College in Georgia. That is going to be quite a change.

This year in Detroit (whatever), last year in Salt Lake City, before that in Omaha, Orlando, Phoenix, etc. – All big cities with top notch accommodations and facilities. Next year on a small college campus, sleeping in dorm rooms and sharing bathrooms. Hmmmmm?


NOT Piedmont college, I swear.

I know why the powers that be are doing this – the college is a Congregationalist school. It’s similar to the relationships of some other schools. Notre Dame is considered a Catholic college. Baylor is Baptist. UC Berkeley is Medellin Cartel. Nothing out of the ordinary.

My wife, the lovely and unerringly reasonable, Dawn, and I have been going to these annual getogethers for a bunch of years now and I suspect that there is a strong voice on the city selection committee that belongs to a baseball fan. I think that because there have been a number of Annual Meetings in MLB Cities – Milwaukee, Phoenix, Tampa/St. Pete, and now, Detroit (yeah, I know). Having things happening in Baseball Cities means that we get to see live games in some really nice parks – and Tampa/St. Pete too. If I can ever find out who (or whom if you going be sticky about it) that Baseball fan is I will buy them a hot dog and a cotton candy.

The game this year was last night – The Detroit Tigers vs. The Cleveland Indians. A good matchup. We didn’t go.

next5With Dawn’s arm in a sling she did not need to be taking a bus ride to the ballyard over Detroit streets that have potholes big enough to provide lodging for Fruit Bats. She was also leery of being in a crowd of 40k baseball fans jumping up and down and diving for a foul ball. If a foul ball came close Dawn would be diving for it with the rest of them, so –we stayed “home” on the 6th floor of the DoubleTree hotel.

To be completely honest I wasn’t really all that disappointed. I don’t want to see Dawn next4uncomfortable or in pain and I wasn’t all that fired up going to see an American League game. I know. I’m a purist. I just happen to think that the “designated hitter” is a creation of Satan. See? It’s not complicated.

next6Next year we will be in Piedmont, Georgia. I’m wondering if someone will try to organize a bus haj to see an Atlanta Braves game. Already my fantasy brain cells are wishing that, if they do plan such a pilgrimage, the Giants will be up against the Braves. That would be worth a bumpy bus ride. I would insist on going even if I was in a full-body cast and stuck inside an atmospheric decompression chamber. “I can make it down the steps, just bounce me. I’m already in a plaster cast and a steel tank.” Heck, I’m tough. I still eat Mexican food.

I don’t know where we will be meeting in two years. I’m just hoping it is in a Major League City (read “National League”). I wouldn’t mind some place like San Francisco, or San Diego. I’d even be satisfied with St. Louis, but please, not Oakland. I’ve been in that stadium. It is, quite literally, an open running sewer. I mean it. Last season the sewage line were backing up and dumping raw nasty stuff into the dugouts.

Today is today and I have less than zero sway with the planning of this annual event. I’m just hoping that I will have justification to buy a hot dog and some cotton candy – any color my angel wants. The sky is the limit.

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2 thoughts on “Baseball, Cotton Candy, With The Occasional Fruit Bat

  1. Concerning the “come one, come all” bathroom at your hotel. If you’ve been to Church Camp, even if it’s been years ago, you should be used to that. It’s common, as you know, in Europe to share “the true pause that refreshes”. This week is the International Convention and Competition for the Barbershop Harmony Society of Nashville, TN, being held in that fine city this year. They jump around across America and Canada and settle for different cities, too. I’m not going this year, but I’ve been to several in the past. One in Atlanta in 1996. Needless to say, next year for you will be a banner one in that great metropolis. So much to do. You probably have been down there and visited The Underground, but if you haven’t be sure to do that while you’re there. Have fun in Detroit………….somehow.


  2. The college we’re going to be visiting is about 90 miles from Atlanta, so my hopes for a trip to the ballyard are slim.

    I’ve been to Atlanta before and Underground Atlanta. It was there that I had a gun pulled on for the first time – by a shopkeeper in the Underground. He thought I looked like the guy who had robbed him at some time in the past.

    Such fun.

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