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I Won’t Go There. You Can’t Make Me.

BB6TRYING TO UNRAVEL THINGS THAT ARE NOT OBVIOUS CAN BE A CHALLENGE AT 6:30 AM. They can be a challenge at 6:30 PM too, but the AM factor makes it harder by exponential degrees.

This morning, for example. The chain of events went like this –

  1. My eyes opened.
  2. I verified that I was alive and said a short prayer of thanks.
  3. Turned on TV to local morning news.
  4. They aired a story about a guy using his gas station as a B&B.
  5. I slapped my own face. I couldn’t have heard that right.

But I had.

During the next half-hour (By that time I was slumped over the kitchen table.) they ran that BB1story again. Yup, I did hear it right the first time.

Mr. Pete Shen, the owner of the “Sanborn & Market Gas,” in Salinas, California (Steinbeck Country) is offering his Gas Station/ Mini-Mart as a sort of B&B. I say “sort of B&B” because you have to supply one of your own “B”s. You bring your own air mattress or whatever and Pete will lock you inside where you can help yourself to a Breakfast of whatever is available. (I wonder if this includes those little rotating hot dogs? I must check into that.)

Pete says that his “B&B and Lube” will “fulfill any childhood dreams of sleeping at a gas station.”

BB3What kind of dreams did this guy have as a child?

I never dreamt of sleeping in a gas station. Behind the bar at the local Sons of Italy Club maybe, but in a gas station? Never! Well… maybe if I had a fetish for Doritos, but otherwise – Never!

According to the reports on this new rival to the Hilton chain of hotels the nightly fee ranges from $50 – $90. Why there is any range at all is a bit of a mystery. All I can think of is that for $90 you get all the gas station sushi you can keep down.

I’m not all that picky about where I sleep. As long as it’s not behind the wheel I don’t have many concerns. I’ve slept in all the usual places – Classrooms, Churches, Theater. The Theater was a bit dicey because it was during a play – that I was in – and I was onstage at the time.

I have no trouble sleeping on planes. I’m usually out cold before BB2BB4the plane leaves the gate. I get to miss a lot of bad airline food that way. On most flights I’d rather have access to the snack rack at Pete Shen’s Unleaded B&B. A few assorted Slim Jims and a fruit pie would be preferable.

So far, according to Mr. Shen himself, he has had only one guest spend the night. It’s going to be hard for Shen to draw many more. He runs a tight ship. You must check in for the night by 10 PM – when the place closes down, and be up and out by 5 AM when the morning shift shows up. It’s not exactly a recipe for lounging about.

If you are ever in Salinas, California and feel the need for a good night’s rest and dinner I suggest you look up the “Sanborn & Market Gas” – then keep going until you find a place that has mattresses and Cable TV, but no rotating hot dogs.


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