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We’ll Be Back After This Break

X ray shoulder2atlas THIS IS THE MORNING AFTER. The morning after the 28th Annual Strawberry Fest at our church that is. Preliminary figures indicate it was in line with last year which was one of the best. And this is in spite of my wife, the lovely and orthopedically hampered, Dawn, having one arm in a sling.

An event that serves 10,000 people in one day doesn’t happen overnight. It is like planning an invasion – with strawberries, biscuits, ice cream and whipped topping instead of bazookas and machine guns (although a couple of those might have come in handy).

The last few days before the event are fueled by Adrenaline and Panic. It was in this environment that painful realty landed on Dawn.

She was in her office a couple of days ago. She was awaiting the arrival of some of the 200 wtwo3volunteers that help every year. She heard a knock on her office door and started to rush to answer the door. She then tripped and fell. She hit a chair on the way down cutting a gash in her forehead worth six stitches. When she hit the floor she broke her Humerus bone in two places.

She got to her feet and opened the door. On the other side was Cindy, a new church member who (Thank you, Lord) spent 15 years as a Paramedic. Cindy immediately clicked into Paramedic mode and stopped the bleeding on Dawn’s forehead, immobilized the broken arm, and transported her to a clinic about two minutes from the church.

Dawn phoned me at home and I got to the clinic where I tried to provide hubby-support and to hold Dawn’s purse.


The next morning we saw an Orthopedic Surgeon who, upon examining the X-rays, felt sure that surgery wouldn’t be necessary, but there was going to be a CAT Scan done anyway.

So, come the day of the Strawberry Fest there was Dawn at the church at 9 AM, broken arm in a sling, and putting on a brave front. She wasn’t fooling anybody. She was in pain, still in shock, and getting by on adrenaline – that and Dr. Pepper. We were joking that Dr. Pepper is her “attending physician.”

Today, the Day After, we are both exhausted, but Dawn has the additional problem of no more adrenaline to mask the pain. She has meds from the Doctors, and she has started taking them. It is helping greatly.

The prognosis is that she will be using a sling for up to six weeks followed up by a couple months worth of Physical Therapy.

The stitches will come out in a week, but the arm will linger on as a problem for her. She is a Southpaw and it was her left arm that broke. She may miss a couple turns in the Rotation, but she won’t need to be put on the Disabled List.

My role in these first few days is trying to learn how to do her Ponytail. I don’t have a lot of X ray hairexperience with that and now this household is comprised of two people who have a grand total of two fully functional arms. She is teaching me to do a Ponytail and I’m teaching her how to get dressed with only one arm. I haven’t had to teach her how to tie her shoes one-handed. That is part of an upper level tutorial.

She will survive. She will thrive. She will be back in the game sooner rather than later.

It breaks my heart to see her in pain.

X ray sling

Not Dawn. She has a head.

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2 thoughts on “We’ll Be Back After This Break

  1. Sorry to hear about Dawn. I agree, from reading about her, she’ll recuperate more quickly than anticipated and be back to her young self again, I’m sure. I’m also sure she was happy to have someone hold her purse at the Clinic. I wish I had been there to see that!! They probably would have asked me to leave, from laughing so loud!! (At you, not Dawn)


  2. It looks like her recovery is going to entail at least six weeks in a sling, and then physical therapy. She got the stitches out yesterday from her forehead.

    As the arm starts to heal she is having a lot of pain.

    I’m teaching her how to do things with only one hand and she has got me learning to do a ponytail. A new skill is always welcome.

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