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Summer Better Than Others

summer1Well, Summer is ready to go into full swing here in beautiful Terre Haute (That’s French for, “You sure can sweat.”). All the signs of Summer are blossoming.

The colleges and universities are spewing forth a fresh crop of graduates – most of whom are trading in their mortarboards and tassels for paper hats and napkin dispensers.


The local politicians are downing their partisan Viagra in their runs for re-election. “Vote for me! I’m not as crooked as my opponent!”

The parade of people engaging in walks “to raise consciousness” for various causes has begun. Personally, I think such efforts would be more beneficial if the walkers actually did something rather than merely getting together on Saturday morning for coffee and croissants to show off their new walking outfits. I’m all in favor of exercise for summer3other people, but if the only true objective is to feel better about themselves, I see no point to it all.

Symbolism is wonderful if you’re making a Swedish movie, but it isn’t worth a pail of warm spit when it comes to “Finding a cure.”

Ahh, Summer. I’ve already seen my first sidewalk Kool-Aid stand – 25 cents a paper cup or $10 if you want preferred seating on the curb.summer4

Soon all of the weekend “Festivals” will be lining up their “Porta-Pottys” for the throngs of people hungry for Funnel Cakes, Elephant Ears, and Deep-Fried Everything your Doctor would ban if he could.

The Hot Weather Festivals bring out every musician who isn’t in Rehab somewhere. Jazz, Country, Rock, Folk, Gospel, Unidentifiable – it doesn’t matter. They’ll be Pickin’ and Grinnin’ on stages while crowds of people in lawn chairs tap their toes and down another beer and bratwurst. I forget who said it, but a wise man once defined a Gentleman as, “Someone who knows how to play the banjo, but doesn’t.”


Fried Oreos

I don’t have any plans to attend any of these Street Fairs/Festivals this Summer. I don’t need any Deep Fried Oreos and the smell of Municipal Gathering Mob Sweat is not as alluring as it once was.

All of the State Parks and Recreational Areas are bracing for the Summer Rush. The forests will ring with the sounds of RVs, Screaming Kids, and Terrified Wildlife as thousands of Hoosiers get back to nature – ten feet away from the next RV and Weber summer6Kettle BBQ.

I’m a big fan of Summer. It is my favorite season. I do not like Winter. Fall is generally bearable. Spring – I can take it or leave it. It all depends on how much rain is involved and how long before the thermometer gets above 70 degrees and stays there. I just thank God that I was not born an Eskimo. I also thank God that I was not born a Dodger fan, but that opens up a whole new set of issues.

It doesn’t take a detective to determine, judging from the overall cynical tone of today’s blog, that my feet hurt. Having feet that hurt can put a damper on one’s entire day.

We’ll both get over it and move on.


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3 thoughts on “Summer Better Than Others

  1. I hate Summer weather. Love Winter everything, especially the weather.


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