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A Maximum Insecurity Facility

YOU GOTTA GIVE THEM CREDIT for sheer nerve – or maybe for just unfathomable stupidity. Or a little of both.

About a week or so ago at the State Prison in Carlisle, Indiana (just a handcuffs throw from Terre Haute [That’s French for, “I’ve got a good idea.”] somebody, or more likely somebodies, broke INTO the prison.

These perpetrators managed to break into the prison and make off with about $10,000 worth of landscaping equipment – including a riding mower. A riding mower is not something you can sneak out with concealed in your pants. They must have either had a truck with them or they just rode the mower back out of the prison and off into the night.

According to the little research I have done about the prison I have learned the following- prison 1There are:

“Two chain-linked fences surround the prison. The inner fence has razor ribbon on the bottom, center, and top of the fence, and the outer fence has razor ribbon on the top. Between the fences there are intrusion alarm and microwave detection systems. Two armed vehicles guard the perimeter, and there are seven armed towers.”

For some reason I’m having trouble believing all of that.

Now, I do understand that all of the security paraphernalia and hi-tech spooky stuff at the prison is designed to keep people from getting out, but – unless I am misreading everything about this story at and at these guys accomplished a two-bagger. They broke into prison and then broke out of the prison as well. All that razor wire, armed vehicles and guard towers didn’t stop them as they merrily and stealthily rode out with one of the noisiest machines in all of Christendom. I’m just surprised that the neighbors didn’t call the prison and complain about all the racket.

prison 2I don’t know about you, and sometimes I’m not even sure about me, but on this one I am. How secure is this prison if several people can go in, and then out, on a riding mower while toting a bunch of other stuff and not trigger some sort of alarm, or at least have somebody go, “Hey, Bob, do you hear something? It sounds like a riding mower?” “Nah, I don’t hear nuthin’. Pass me another egg roll, and turn up the TV I can barely hear Debbie Doing Dallas.”

There is no way that this tidbit of news could be kept away from the prison inmate population. I imagine that it is inspiring all sorts of ingenious plans to follow the mower “over the wall,” as it were.

“Maybe if I dress myself up as a weed eater I could blow this joint.”

The facility has been shown on the MSNBC series Lockup: Extended Stay. Extended Stay? Unless you have a tight turning radius and can do nice, neat edging, and get good mileage. 

If you follow the links posted above you will notice that the prison spokesperson said that the items stolen were in an “Out Building.” Boy, is that ever the truth. Maybe he should have more accurately called it an “In and Out Building.”


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2 thoughts on “A Maximum Insecurity Facility

  1. I would speculate the reference to an “Out Building” is a shack outside the parameters of all that security stuff. I would not dare comment on why this building was not secured better, if at all. What about other non-secured buildings that house possibly vehicles? On the other hand, could this have been an “inside job”?? I’m not in any way attempting to justify things like this that seemly occur quite often at Carlisle, along with their problem maintaining high caliber Guards at that Facility, just saying…………


  2. I KNEW that this would get a comment from you. I read the article and thought that it was just too strange to ignore. I think that it had to be an inside job as well. Either that or they hired Stevie Wonder as a guard.


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