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Whither The Weather

Screenshot 2016-05-11 at 9.53.13 AM - EditedSOME PEOPLE ARE NOT AFRAID to say what they believe. I’m not talking about religious beliefs or anything political or even restaurant reviews. No, I’m talking about the people (I assume that they are actual people) at AccuWeather. Com. When it comes to forecasting the weather these folks don’t know the meaning of the word “Maybe.”

I just went to their website and, according to their seers and their array of Magic 8-Balls; it will start raining again here in 116 minutes – not 115, not 117, but 116 minutes exactly. Now THAT is a weather forecast.

There is none of this namby-pamby stuff that tries to get by with, “There is a 40% chance of precipitation at some time in the next 48 hours.” Ha! I spit on their forecast!

Earlier this morning the AccuWeather site said that there would be a 6 minute break 2in the rain at 9:14 AM. This is good to know in case I need to run out to the car to get something I forgot to bring in last night – like my umbrella.

I did a bit of research into AccuWeather and discovered that they are Headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania. That is where Penn State University is located. AccuWeather gets its mail at 385 Science Park Road in State College – a very good address to have if you are in the Meteorology business. “Science Park Road” has more allure than “Wild-Ass Guess Road,” which is where most other Meteorologists reside.

I’m going to have to get the AccuWeather widget for my phone so I can get weather forecasts for Terre Haute (That’s French for, “It might rain, or not.”). The local weather bunny on Channel Two could benefit from the AccuWeather widget. Of course, she could also benefit from a voice wtwocoach, a wardrobe advisor, and a trip to the optometrist. She has twice done a face-plant on the studio floor when she tripped on the cables that hook up to the cameras.

“And tomorrow it will be 65 degrees and – Whoa.” Followed by a discernible thud and the news anchor calling out, “Oh, dear. Are you OK?”

She could use AccuWeather – and maybe some bifocals.

Update Time

As the day progressed it turned out to be in the low 70s and clear as could be – although the ever present cool breezes off the ocean kept it just a bit too brisk for sitting in the sun to get a 5Vitamin D supplement.

Oh, well, maybe after we get home, but sitting by the banks of the Wabash just won’t be quite the same. There is just too much of a difference between sitting by the ocean in a lawn chair, looking out to sea, smelling the salt air, and hearing the waves crash upon the rocky shore – and sitting on a park bench by the Wabash River, looking out to West Terre Haute, smelling the unidentifiable aroma of something floating past, and hearing the traffic on third street crashing upon itself – all punctuated by the ubiquitous police sirens.

It’s really not hard to make a choice.


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2 thoughts on “Whither The Weather

  1. I love it when you write about a subject I can relate too, and agree 3000%!! Almost everyday I make comment to my youngest Daughter, living with me with her three little boys, concerning our two-channel weather folks. I think Kevin on 10 is nice, even though not correct a lot with his forecast much of the time. And, I haven’t figured out what “and things like that” means after many sentences he completes. I could comment on one or two others, his co-hearts. But I won’t. Then there’s the people down in Farmersburg! I don’t have a comment on their Chief Meteorologist, he does a pretty good job. And you said it all (well, most) about another on channel 2. WHERE DO THEY GET THESE PEOPLE??!! Even the “oldtimers” aren’t what they used to be! Tom used to smile a lot……no more. The other Co-Anchor smiles too much! Others mess up in too many broadcasts….mis-pronunciations….tough-tied….stumbling…………! How do they keep their positions?! Some of them can’t even read the teleprompter correctly!

    WOW! I feel better now.

    And yes, I like and refer to Accu-Weather a lot, too.

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  2. Yes, yes, and yes!

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