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A Five Hour Time Change



BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS my wife, the lovely and trans-atlantically adept, Dawn, and I will be in Ireland. If we aren’t in Ireland we will be in the Twilight Zone sitting next to William Shatner.

 After a short hop from Indianapolis to Chicago we took the tall hop nonstop to Dublin. We’ve been in this airport before and I think it’s one of the better airports I’ve seen. Yes, it’s busy and crowded, but it works and you can get in and out with a minimum of hassle.

We will be in Ireland for the next seven weeks.

Dawn is on a sabbatical that is, perhaps, the best thing she could do for herself, me, us, and the congregation back in Terre Haute (That’s French for, “You can’t get away unless you go away.”).2

Dawn will take this time to restore her heart, soul and spirit. You need to do that once in awhile – otherwise you wake up one morning and find that you have turned into a used charcoal briquette.

When it comes to my benefit to being here in Ireland – I will get a lot of writing done, spend a lot of quality time with my wife, and sweep up any briquette particles that may appear. I’m good at that.

For a couple of weeks we are going to be having a couple of friends joining us. We will be serving as quasi-tour guides and friendly/familiar faces. After that they will be striking out on their own. Ireland, being an island, makes that easy to do with minimal danger of getting 5hopelessly lost. There can be no – “We accidentally crossed the border into North Korea. We’re sorry.” – in Ireland. The closest you can get to that would be mistakenly wandering into a Tex-Mex bar in Belfast on a Saturday night.

We have been to Ireland before and we know our way around. For our seven weeks we will be moving around the country. Seven weeks – five different houses in five different parts of the country. Inland, on the coast, in the north of the island, and down south.

So, I think most of the postings to this blog will be about our time in the “Land of Forty Shades of Green.” It won’t turn into a travelogue or a long advertisement for Irish Tourism. If it does I will demand payment – in Euros, which are running at about 4€1.12 in relation to the dollar. I might turn a profit just on the  7exchange rate. (You have to think of these things.)

So, here we are, up to our elbows in adjustments. Drive on the left side of the road. Think in kilos and liters instead of pounds and gallons. Forget American slang and listen carefully and try with all our might to not be the loud and obnoxious Ugly American. Remember that we are guests here. It’s their yard so we play by their rules. The pace of life here is slower (once you get out of Dublin). Enjoy it, catch our breath, look around and understand that the Irish take the long view of life and History. It’s Ireland, a real country and not a theme park.


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2 thoughts on “A Five Hour Time Change

  1. Glad you made it without hitches. If you had hitches, tell about them when you see fit. Maybe when you get back you can list them all(?). Have a lot of fun, John and Dawn, We’ll be thinking about you and anxiously awaiting the daily (except Sunday) blogs.


  2. Anonymous on said:

    Things have been rather smooth so far, but I’m sure there will be plenty of material.


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