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Fiction Saturday – Untitled Story – Part Four

Fiction Saturday – Untitled Story – Part Four


I knocked a second time. The dog barked again and the same male voice yelled again, followed by the pregnant silence of something fairly heavy being thrown across the room. The dog yelped and went silent.

“Hi, Mister. What the hell you want?” I looked down. The kid couldn’t have been more than four, maybe five. I couldn’t tell you which was filthier, his face or his shirt. When he opened the door a brick of god-awful smells hit me in the face. I took a breath through my mouth.

“Hello, what’s your name little boy?”

“None a you business, you perv. What the hell you want?” This kid was bound to grow up and be a maitre d’ in New York City.

“I’d like to talk with your daddy.”

“Me too, but he died.”

“How about your mommy? Can I talk to her?”

“OK.” He turned, facing into the house. I could see at least a dozen flea bites on his legs. “Momma! Some perv here want to talk to you! The kid had impressive lung power for a little guy.

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