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Fiction Saturday

Fiction Saturday – Untitled Story – Part Three

noir detective office

The Central Police Headquarters Building reflected most people’s opinion of the Police Force housed inside: Worn out, broken down, and very, very dirty.

The “Missing Persons Department” was comprised of one desk, half a file cabinet and the half-hearted attention of one cop. The only reason it got that much focus was because that cop kept getting himself in Dutch with his Lieutenant. “Missing Persons” was the Police equivalent of being sent to the Principal’s office.   

“Where can I find Jake Feller’s desk these days?” The desk sergeant snorted at the mention of Feller’s name.

“Third floor. Back in the far corner near the washroom. At least that’s where he was the last time I saw him.” He picked up his phone. “Want me to let him know you’re here?”Police Station

“No. You do that and he’s likely to jump out a window. I’ll just surprise him. OK?”

“Yeah, I guess so. You look harmless, but I’d kind of like to see him do the window thing.”

“I’ll tell him you care.”

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