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One Disappointment After Another

Message 1I HAD THE MOST UNUSUAL THING HAPPEN TODAY. I was sitting at my super powerful wood burning computer trying to delete a few gazillion spam emails when a little blip appeared by the Facebook tab. Being the genial sort that I am, I paused in mid delete to see what was happening with the 1.6 billion people on Facebook. I said a silent prayer, hoping that it wasn’t all 1.6 billion of them wanting me to play Candy Crush with them.

Thankfully it wasn’t that. No, it was a message. A message for me? Was Zuckerberg asking me to take a few billion bucks off message 2his hands? Not that either.

No. My message was from someone completely unknown to me. Before I clicked on the message I was already assuming that this unknown person was a Nigerian Princess offering me half her fortune if I would only give her my banking info and a cookie.

Message 3After much idle expectation I finally looked at the message from this stranger. (I am not “changing the names to protect the innocent” here. I just don’t remember what his name was. Let’s call him Mysterious Stranger.)

Anyway – in this message from the Mysterious Stranger he was quite upset with me, claiming that I had somehow said nasty and impolite things about him on Facebook. News to me. I find it difficult to get up close and personal about anyone I don’t know.

Well, I read it. He didn’t use obscene language or make any threats. About the only negative things I can say about this Mysterious Stranger is that he is not a good typist and that, just perhaps, he does not understand that there can be more than one person with any particular name.

Quelle too bad.Message 6

I’m not angry or concerned about this. Hopefully our Mysterious Stranger feels better know and has had a good lunch. That always helps my mood. I’d recommend a nice grilled cheese sandwich and some soup, but to each his own.

Later on in the day it occurred to me that perhaps this was an attempt by our Mysterious Stranger to engage me in a verbal repartee. Maybe he was lonely? Maybe, after a bit of back and forth he would admit that he was, indeed, a Nigerian Princess. You never know these days. People are not always who you think they are.

I read an example of just such a thing yesterday. I learned that the actor who played Tonto in the old TV show, “The Lone Ranger,” was not who I thought he was. (or ‘whom I thought’ for those owners of a book on grammar)

Message 4I always thought that Tonto was played by “Jay Silverheels,” an excellent name if there ever was one. BUT – yesterday I read that Jay Silverheels was just a stage name. He was born in Canada with the name of Harold Smith. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

So, anyway – that was it. One message from a Mysterious Stranger who is, and may remain, upset with something someone other than me has said to and/or about him. Personally, I couldn’t care less – for two reasons.

  1. He is a big boy and whatever it is that has upset his tummy, he’ll get over it. A little tea before bedtime and maybe a cookie can do wonders.
  2. Never mind. One reason is enough.message 5

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One thought on “One Disappointment After Another

  1. Well, let’s see. You don’t use names, or at least real names, in your daily articles. Except, sometimes in referring to love of your life. You do refer to some places, things, and businesses by what some would say was by name, but actually the “nicknames” you use might or might not be a place or business one might recognize. Me thinks Mysterious Stranger may have read one of your dailies, or dallies, and it hit-home pretty strong, him taking it personal. That could happen any time. In fact, I’d bet it’s happened before. As we age our memories appear to fade somewhat, you know. Your response was brilliant! When you capture yours-truly in one of your fine columns, and it will happen one of these days, I, too, may respond with, “How do you know me so well when we haven’t even met!!”. Nah. I’d just grin and bear it. 🙂 (grin)

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