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With A Song In My Heart

Singing 7LET ME BE THE FIRST TO ADMIT IT- I’m not the best singer in the world. But I think that I was always passable. I never have been a virtuoso, but today I saw an item on Facebook that put me in the same bracket as some of the Big Names.

Someone, I don’t recall who it was posted a picture of Kelly Clarkson, a singer who is definitely BTSB (Big Time Show Biz). With the picture was a link to a video of her performing somewhere. It carried the caption saying that after listening to her sing I would be crying too.

Well, that’s no big deal.

In the two musicals I performed in I did that most every night. People would come backstage after the show just to tell me that they had never heard anything like that before.Singing 1

Singing 5I remember one night, during my stint as “Sancho Panza” in a summer theater production of “Man of La Mancha,” that someone said that my singing had spoiled her from going to the theater ever again. I thanked her, and she left, still sobbing. Even my Director once said, “Do you have any idea how you sound from out there? I sent him flowers.

Seeing that Kelly Clarkson thing really made my day.

I don’t do much singing anymore. When we have hymns to sing in church I keep it real low key. When I felt the spirit during “Amazing Grace” one Sunday morning I cut loose and turned up the volume a couple of notches. I think some of my fellow worshippers felt intimidated because they kept turning around to look at me. Several were already in tears. One had a nose bleed. Since then I keep it soft and low. I’ll even lip synch it if I feel the stirrings.Singing 4

While I may be a decent, although admittedly not great, singer, I have only been in one show where I was called upon to dance. It was a Comedy.

The show was a Comedy based entirely on stories from the Supermarket Tabloid Papers. Remember the “Weekly World News?” That black and white rag was our main source. Just image two hours of live action dramatizations of Elvis Sightings, UFOs, Mysterious Time Travel Adventures, and even a rather difficult to explain Elvis Cult.  We were a hit!


Singing 6


Oh, I almost forgot. The show opened with the entire cast of about ten coming onstage doing a pretty hot Tango. I was younger then, so I was more lissome and graceful than I am today. These days I can honestly say that my dancing looks a lot like me bowling, while my bowling looks a lot like me having a seizure. The result being that, whenever I try to dance, people keep pushing me to the floor and trying to jam a pencil between my teeth. It kind of takes the music out of it all.

 Time Marches On they say and I have let my singing (and dancing) chops fall into disrepair. I have passed the torch to a new generation. I have left it to others to make the audiences cry the way I did when my vocal cords were set to twanging.

Singing 3

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One thought on “With A Song In My Heart

  1. I’m sure you’ve heard of The Banks of the Wabash Chorus chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. They have a “Theater” up on North Lafayette in 12-Points. Well, I belonged to the chapter for 29 years. Sang a lot all over the Midwest, even in England, Japan, and Canada. We made a pretty big splash in Barbershop circles…….back then. Now-a-days, not so much. Lost many old members, including myself. I can relate to what you have published today. I miss those times though, and even if a man doesn’t find himself worthy in voice anymore, I, and am sure You, miss singing, dancing and just performing before an appreciative audience even today. Memories.

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