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Veni, Vidi, I Had A Pizza

pizza poll 3PIZZA IS ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR FOODS in this country. In MY world it is at the very top of the menu. I know that there are better foods, in a nutritional sense, but there is more to life than sprouts and arugula with a kale chaser.

Recently the highly esteemed Harris Polling Company asked America, “How do you like your pizza?”pizza poll 4

Somehow they missed me with this poll. If they had asked me this question I would have answered with a cheerful, “Within reach.” Giving that answer probably would have gotten me slapped around.

Other Americans answered as follows.


What do you like on your pizza?pizza poll 2

 The top answer was my personal favorite – Pepperoni!! The rest of the top five are Sausage . . . Mushrooms . . . just Cheese . . . and Onions. Personally, I could live happily without the mushrooms, but America has spoken and who am I to argue with 330 million hungry people?

When it came to DON”T you like on your pizza?

Ha! I could have answered this one blindfolded, hogtied, and locked in a room with six vegans all waving poll 1

Number One on the “Keep that away from my pizza” list was: Anchovies! I can’t see why anyone in their right mind would put a piece of salty fish on top of their pizza. To me it is sacrilege. But, fortunately, I have no enforcement powers about this – or anything else for that matter.

The rest of the “Most Hated” list included Pineapple, Olives, Mushrooms and Onions.

Wait one cotton-pickin’ minute here! I don’t understand what schizoid people took part in this poll, but both Mushrooms and Onions are on the “Most Hated Topping” list AND the “Most Favorite Topping” list.

Some people just can’t make up their minds.

When it came to the most popular type of crust – Thin Crust came in number one. Personally, all I ask is that there actually be crust present. I’m not fussy.

A number of people said that New York is the best place to go for pizza, with Illinois coming in second. Again I must say that, since I am not in either place, I must say that the best place to get pizza is: Nearby. Can’t beat it! Terre Haute Pizza! (Terre Haute – That’s French for, “No anchovies, please.”)  There is nothing special about it, except that is within easy reach. If I was compelled to go to New York for my pizza it would be stone cold by the time I got it poll 6

Illinois, however, is technically only about 8 miles west of Terre Haute. I suppose if I hurried I could get home with the pizza before it cooled off, but still – it would be an imported pizza. Nope. I prefer something I can get from that little place two minutes away. No long distance travel. No breaking the speed limit on the Interstate. No crossing of State Lines for Culinary Purposes.

This was a Harris Poll – conducted by one of the foremost polling companies in the country. They just hand out the results, pleasant or not, and this poll finished up with a dark and disturbing bit of information.

According to Harris – there is 2% of the American population who don’t eat pizza at all. Ever. I find that profoundly unsettling. I didn’t know that human life could survive without pizza. It’s some kind of genetic thing I think.

Despite this one sour note in the poll I must admit that I found it all rather heartening to see that most of the country agrees with me on pizza. I never knew that I had that much influence over national tastes and preferences. Interesting. Very interesting.

Today – pizza. Tomorrow – the world.

It could poll 5

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One thought on “Veni, Vidi, I Had A Pizza

  1. I’ve not tried “Terre Haute Pizza”. Is that the name of the place? Or, are you keeping the real name a secret? I couldn’t find it in the phone book. You probably don’t want everyone in town congregating at one of your favorite chow-down places. And so, another mystery. Good “piece” though.


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