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What Should I Do With It All?

Leap 1Leap Year

Leap Day

Take a Flying Leap

I’ve heard talk of the first two from the TV about February 29th (Today – unless I am seriously mistaken).

The third I hear from several people each day. Today is nothing special in that regard. While the third is more personal, the first two are more interesting.

Leap Year and Leap Day exist because whoever decided that the “Year” had to be 365 days long, while they may have been observant of where the sun came up and when to plant the succotash, they were a little sloppy on the details.

If you insist that a year be how long it takes the earth to make one loop (not leap) around the sun then you are stuck with about 6 hours or so left over.

Leap 3If this decision on the length of the year was being made today that extra six hours would be widely advertised so we would feel happy about having that time to go through our E-mail, try to get seated at the Texas Roadhouse, or to start binge watching the Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies. But, back then those extra 6 hours were frittered away with stuff like human sacrifices, carving wheels out of stone, and trying to get seated at the Mesopotamia Roadhouse.

This extra 6 hours, mathematically speaking, amount to an extra 24 hours (or so) every four years – hence “Leap Year.”

Of course, this whole thing was further aggravated by some other dude or dudette’s decision that a “Day” be 24 hours. It isn’t – exactly. It’s close, but not exactly. One thing led to another and here we are with a February 29th every four years.

I suppose that this extra day was given to February because the lobbyists for February must have been out of the room when the number of days per month was first being handed out. July and August both have 31 days for no apparent reason, but February just got the crumbs that fell off the table – 28 days.

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of February to begin with. It’s usually cold, snowy and filled with Groundhogs and other presidential candidates. Sometimes it is hard to tell one rodent from another.

February 29th – It is an extra day for us to do with as we please. What an opportunity! Oh, the possibilities are endless. It’s like saying to me, “Here are the keys to the toy store. We’ll see you tomorrow. Enjoy.”

I have worked up a preliminary schedule for my day:

6 AM – Get up and check the calendar to make sure I’m not mistaken, and then do a little arthritic Happy Dance. Not too much or I might pull a muscle and spend the rest of the day in bed. Hmmm? Not a bad idea. No! I’m going to take this extra day and use every minute.

7 AM – Breakfast! Girl Scout Cookies. Don’t tell my Doctors – they might want some. I will only share with Dawn.

8 AM – Noon – Dawn and I will drive up to Plainfield, IN for a few hours of semi-pro bookstore browsing. I must remember to empty the trunk in the car so there is room for books.

FB_IMG_1452815441293Noon – 1 PM or 2 PM – Lunch. Lingering over my soup and grilled cheese. I like the classics.

2 PM – Midnight – Digging my way out of whatever hole I may have dug for myself after, or during, lunch.

Some people may have plans for a more active day than me, but to quote Clint Eastwood in one of the “Dirty Harry” movies, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” So, synchronized knife throwing , skydiving, and bullfighting are out. 

So, there you have it – an extra day that can present you with all sorts of opportunities for fun, enlightenment, and/or constructing an alibi – whatever you need it for.

Take this extra day and do with it what you will, and if you manage to somehow screw it up you won’t have to worry about it for another four years – or so.IMG_42756708485334

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One thought on “What Should I Do With It All?

  1. 🙂 I do even less. But, I too, love grilled cheese sandwiches. Double cheese. Have a great Leap Day, John.

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