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Now THAT Is A Classic Film

bad-acting-death-sceneONE OF THE FIRST THINGS I DO EACH MORNING is to turn on the TV and go to the Classic Movie Channel. I do this most days at about 7:30 AM. They tend to start a movie at 7:00 AM, so I miss the beginnings of a lot of movies. It’s kind of like being hung up at the refreshment counter behind somebody with the decision making powers of a squirrel.

york 3 sound-of-music-gunsLately they have been showing Oscar winning films in a run up to this year’s Academy Awards Show in March. I have to admit that a lot of these films are new to me. I tend to gravitate toward the “B-Movie” side of the street. I’ve seen quite a few old “Film Noir” movies from the 1930s and 1940s, but I have never seen “The Sound of Music” or “Kramer vs. Kramer.”

TinyTownI have been berated by people for this sin of omission in my movie going. To them I answer, “But – have you ever seen that classic film, “The Terror of Tiny Town” or that gem of a film, “Glen or Glenda?” I am usually met with icy looks of incomprehensible disdain when I do that.

I’m proud to say that I own a DVD of “The Terror of Tiny Town.” I am reluctant to loan it out. You can never tell what those movie snobs might do.

York 1

Michael York

The other day I caught “Logan’s Run” on TCM. I’ve always liked that movie, despite the fact that it stars Michael York. I have nothing personal against Michael York. I just happen to think he is a terrible actor. He has all of the stage presence of a coffee table. Whenever he is on the screen I can see that he is being upstaged by a potted plant.

I think that “Logan’s Run” may be the only film in my cheesy memory when Jenny Agutter got Star billing. She was cute, running for her life in a short skirt and delivering excellent “Eeks!” when a small lizard scoots up her leg. My favorite line of hers is when she screams for all she is worth, “I hate the outside!” Classic.

york 2

Jenny Agutter by herself

Having come in to the broadcast late, I missed the connection between “Logan’s Run” and “31 Days of Oscar.” Maybe there was an award for the “Best Lizard in a Michael York Film.”

They also ran the film “Cabaret” a few nights ago, and there he was again – Michael York sitting between Marisa Berenson and Liza Minnelli. At least I think that he was there. It was either Michael York or a piece of strudel. I heard that someone tried to have a Michael York Film Festival, but the audience kept complaining that the screen was blank.

I’m going to have to charge up the battery in my little portable DVD player because I can feel a need to have my own “B Movie” Film Festival. I’ll pour a cold drink, get some nacho chips, slip the DVD of “Tiny Town” into the player, and kick back. Where else can you watch an All Midget Musical Cowboy Movie? On the Turner Classic Movie Channel? I doubt it!

york 4 tiny town

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2 thoughts on “Now THAT Is A Classic Film

  1. Well, I tried to leave a long, informative comment. They would let me. So, I’ll just say…..good reading article, John.

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  2. The Terror of Tiny Town looks rreeaalll freaky.

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