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Groundhog Day Eve

Groundhog day 2Groundhog Day – a cherished annual celebration with no real meaning other than the fact that it is done every year. Kind of like Election Day.

The ostensible reason for Groundhog Day is meteorological – predicting the weather by dragging a hibernating rodent from its den and observing if its shadow is visible or not. Anyone could predict the outcome of that by looking up instead of down – Sunny = Shadow. Cloudy = No Shadow.

The world’s groundhogs will try to sleep until spring. It’s what they do unless disturbed in early February. I doubt that the guy who drags Punxsutawney Phil from his lair would not appreciate it if some large creature grabbed him by the neck and pulled him out of his bed in the middle of the night.groundhog day5

My opinion on this carries no weight with the whole shootin’ match. This is the biggest thing to happen in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania all year long. Mainly because nobody can spell Punxsutawney correctly so they can find it on a map. EXCEPT:

A few years ago a major motion picture was filmed in Punxsutawney. Of course, it was called, “Groundhog Day,” and, aside from the title, had really nothing whatsoever to do with the annual festivities.

Nothing I do or say is going to change anything in Punxsutawney – nor should it. They are grown-ups and can make their own decisions.

I wouldn’t appreciate it if someone from Punxsutawney came to this part of Indiana to try to change our annual Covered Bridge Festival to suit their outlook on life. Our festival goes on for two full weeks. Having it all crammed into one day wouldn’t work. Imagine trying to have Groundhog Day last for two weeks – do that and you have a major plotline of the movie. It just wouldn’t be the same and there would be one very pissed off groundhog to deal with.groundhog day 3.jpg

To seriously mix my species metaphors – when it comes to being upset about Groundhog Day – there are bigger fish to fry.

At the top of my list is the Designated Hitter Rule in Baseball. I think that even Punxsutawney Phil would be upset about that – if he follows baseball at all, that is. I think that when they hoist that critter out of bed they should ask him more than, “Do you see your shadow?” Try also asking the little furry rodent if he likes the DH. I’d lay 10 to 1 he would say, No.” Why? Because Punxsutawney is near Pittsburgh – a National League city where they play baseball the way it is supposed to be played. Of course, if they tried this in Minnesota they might get a different answer. They might also get a frozen groundhog.groundhog day 6 minnesota.jpg

Spring doesn’t start up there until the All-Star Game in July.

Tomorrow is February 2nd, the certified official Groundhog Day. Go for it. Dress up in top hat and tails, drag the groundhog out of his or her Sleep Number Hole in the ground and bask in your 12 seconds of coverage on the network Morning Shows. Maybe even sit down and watch the “Groundhog Day” movie – after all, it was filmed in Punxsutawney.

groundhog-day 1.gif

Sic Transit Bill Murray

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  1. I liked the movie…….four times.

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