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Another Year To Conquer

Treadmill accidentWELCOME TO 2016

To those of you who have survived New Years Eve and the ensuing recovery I say “Congratulations.” To those of you who did not survive – all I can say is – Can you see anything from there? Did your relatives meet you? Can I have your parking space?

Now that I know that I have succeeded in making the jump in 2016 without major injury or pending court action, I have to decide what happens next.

The most important things are easy: Love my wife and family; don’t do anything overly stupid; and try to make the most of whatever time I have left on my meter.

As far as whooping it up on New Year’s Eve – I can’t make it to midnight anymore. My personal “Countdown” to the incoming year starts at about 9:30 in the evening. The only dropping ball is my head onto the pillow. I’m no fun anymore. Some years I think that I’m the only person who remembers Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians. (Those of you under 50, look it up… Oh, never mind.)

When a guy reaches my age, which can now be measured in geologic terms, you find yourself filling up your calendar with things like doctor’s appointments rather than fun things like parties, weekends in the country, or theater dates. You scratch out the big plans to “Hike the Appalachian Trail” and pencil in “Colonoscopy.” Both of these things can generate some pretty awesome pictures, but only the Appalachian Trail pictures would be suitable for use on the Family Christmas card.

I went for a haircut recently. Every new year it takes less and less time in the chair. At this rate, in a few years, I should be able to do it myself with a moustache comb and nail clippers. I’ll cross that hairy bridge when I get there. In the meanwhile I intend on living my life in such a way to be creative and supportive of my wife and her work.

Part of doing that is one of the big things on our calendar for this year – our trip to Ireland.

My wife, the lovely and Sabatticalizing, Dawn, and I will be in Ireland for seven weeks.Ireland from space

This will be our 4th or 5th visit to The Emerald Isle, and it never fails to restore the heart and the soul. We can both use that.

I will be maintaining this blog while we are overseas. I think that our trip will bring forth some interesting blog postings.

Another goal, aim, hope, or possibly just a pipe dream that I have for this year is to knock off about twenty more pounds without resorting to amputation or the removal of all of my internal organs.

Over the years I have tried just about every “diet” known to the human species and the only thing I’ve found that worked for the long term is to “eat less, move more.”

Now… I’m not big on that “move more” part of the equation, so things are a bit slow on the losing of any tubbyness. I figure that, at the rate of weight loss that I can sanely achieve, I will reach my goal of being 180 pounds on or about my 175th birthday.

Life ain’t easy.

And chocolate is good.

Chocolate is salad

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2 thoughts on “Another Year To Conquer

  1. I have family that have been to Ireland twice. Like you and yours, apparently, they love it there. Going to Scotland this year……they think. Takes cash. Looking forward to articles coming from “My Wild Irish Rose” island in the sun.


  2. Ireland is, fortunately, one giant internet hotspot. I will be posting from there. We are going in April.

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