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Bad News Travels Slow — Continued

Fiction Saturday Continues with the next installment of “Bad News Travels Slow.”



She looked me in the eyes. I couldn’t tell if she was feeling scared, relieved, or about to throw up.

“What does he want? Look, Mrs. Sweet – you told me that you thought the Police were involved in your husband’s disappearance. After spending a half hour with Dinwiddie and the Chief of the Department I tend to agree with you, but it’s Dinwiddie who’s calling the shots. So, I’ll ask you again – What does he want?”


“If you want to have any chance of ever seeing your husband again you’ve got to help me. So…”

“Everything – He wants everything,” she spit out. Her hands were shaking.

“What do you mean ‘Everything’? Do you mean your money, the business?”

“Yes, that, and more.”

“What’s left? The money, the business, your house? Excuse me, it is a nice house, but it’s no Rockefeller mansion. I mean your neighbor’s garbage cans are sitting next to yours out there.” I could tell she was holding back and I was getting tired of playing the part of the crowbar.

“Mrs. Sweet, if you can’t be completely honest and open with me I’ll return what’s left of the money you’ve given me and…”

“He wants me. He wants all of those other things, but he wants me too – or he says he’ll kill my husband.”

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