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The Annual “Down The Hall” Family Update


This has been a busy year for the whole “Down The Hall” Family. As you can see by this first picture we are all heavily armed now – just in case (wink, wink!)Bad Christmas Family-Photos-Santa-Guns

This year the older kids finally got jobs that didn’t involve wearing paper hats. Little Junior is now working for the State of Indiana. He is an “Automotive Identification Engineer,” making license plates at a state facility near Plainfield. We are so proud.Indiana Prison

His baby sister, Trixie, has gone far afield for an internship in Nevada. She’s always been interested in sports and she tells us about all the NBA players she has met.

Our youngest pride and joy, “Quiver”, as he wants to be called, has been doing well in Middle School. He has joined the school Archery Team and has been getting a lot of attention from our local Law Enforcement Heroes. He can’t go anywhere without them tagging along. We are so proud!

In an unrelated note – the terrible problem we were having last year with raccoons and squirrels has ended. I guess they’ve moved on, just like all of the dogs and cats in the neighborhood.

In our extended family, Gramps and Nana decided it was time to move to Florida. They made a great deal on a “Double-Wide” down near Hialeah. It’s warm and sunny enough that Nana has been able to start wearing her short sleeve Kevlar blouses again. Gramps has been reunited with some old friends from the Palermo Social Club. (It was very exclusive, you know. He was made a member decades ago.) He and his old pals get together and Christmas bad drunk santaplan some short nighttime trips to Havana. We never knew that Gramps was such a sailor!

I don’t know if we ever told you, but we are planning to start selling things on the InterWeb. What a lark! We have a garage just filled with things that we got at a real good price. I haven’t opened the crates, but the printing on the labels is in Chinese or something. The only part I can understand says that the crates are filled with “AK-47s” or some such things. It must be computer stuff. I’m not into “high tech.” I leave that to the kids. Aren’t we just the little entrepreneurs???

I quit smoking this year. It was too expensive and everybody said it was cutting into our bottombootleg cigarettes line. I just hope we can get rid of all these cigarettes. I used to buy in bulk.

Of course, every silver cloud has a dark lining and this year is no exception. Several loved ones have gone to their reward since last Christmas. Our Uncle Squeeky passed away while on a fishing trip. Those darned boating accidents have taken too many of those close to us. Remember Cousin Vito and his close friend Lyle? Their boat sank out in Las Vegas. I didn’t know the water at the Bellagio was deep enough. Oh, well.Boating Accident

I guess I should close now. We hope that your year has been as exciting as ours.
All of us at “Down The Hall” wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With love,

The gang at “Down The Hall.”

christmas bad gif1

P.S.  The boys in the back room say to “Keep your powder dry,” whatever that means.

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2 thoughts on “The Annual “Down The Hall” Family Update

  1. Well…………….what can I say. This is one of the best since I came aboard. I think it’s because you wrote all about family. Can’t get better material to write about than family. My Brother is a Federal Agent down in Florida. I’ve forwarded today’s article to him and asked him to keep an eye on Gramps and Nana.

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  2. The latest word is that Gramps and Nana have gone to their reward — they’ve moved to Boca and become Orthodox.


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