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Mis-Matched Socks That Are Not Mine

Mismatched socksTHIS PAST SATURDAY WAS ONE OF THOSE MARATHON DAYS. I use the term Marathon in the sense of a long ordeal, because there is no way on earth you are ever going to get me to run 26 + miles for anything. In fact, you are not going to get me to run 26+ feet for anything. Let’s consider that issue settled, shall we?

Moving on –

To begin again… this past Saturday our church, along with about five or six other churches in Terre Haute (That’s French for, “You can’t get Krafty to run for anything.”), held our Fourth Annual “Art and Soul Christmas Bazaar” – offering about a ton of Arts and Craft (no relation) gift items. We had a number of local vendors as well as a bunch of very nice holiday items created by the talented members of the congregation. With one exception.

One of our “Church Ladies” has her ear to the ground when it comes to what is fashionable among the “18 and under” crowd and she set up a table selling “Mis-Matched Socks.”

“Mis-Matched Socks” has a meaning far beyond anything in my world. I admit that there have been times when I accidentally slipped on one black sock and one dark blue, but that hasn’t happened since I quit hanging out in Comedy Clubs on the West Coast. I did “Mis-Matched Shoes” one time too, but that is about all I can recall, for sure, about that particular day, er…weekend.

In today’s world the concept and practice of Mis-Matched Socks has become a fashion statement and a business. I just ran a quick search on eBay and pulled up 534 items listed as mismatched socks. I know I’ve lost more than that in dryers around the country. That’s a lot of socks, mismatched or otherwise. A Google search came up with 387,000 hits. I think that a goodly portion of those have to do with other people wondering whatever happened to their socks in the dryer too.

To give you an idea of how big this trendy footwear item is (or are) I have to simply note that in February of this year there was an article about Mis-Matched Socks in the Wall Street Journal. If you make it into the WSJ you have either done something incredibly impressive or something incredibly felonious. I doubt that Bernie Madoff wears Mis-Matched Socks. I would imagine that everything Bernie Madoff wears while in Stony Lonesome matches.

This past Saturday we were peddling Mis-Matched Socks and they were walking out the door at a furious pace. It (they) was (were) the hottest selling single item of the day. You could have knocked me over with a list of NBA players who have never been arrested. I was amazed and impressed.

I looked at the Sock Table and I didn’t recognize any of them as being some of my wayward socks. I could see that they were far better than anything I’ve ever worn, matching or not.

This is one fashion trend that I can say I enjoy. The socks are bright and with nifty designs. They look like fun and that is their most important asset.

May I offer one bit of advice to anyone looking to take this fad a step or two farther. DO NOT  attempt to make M.C. Escher Socks. You would never be sure if you were walking uphill or downhill. Confusing at the least and possibly dangerous.

I’m only trying to help.

Madoff Mugshot

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