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So That’s Why The Aisles Were Crowded


Just as in towns and cities across the land it is Election Day in Terre Haute (That’s French for “This ain’t Chicago. One to a customer”).

Unlike most towns and cities across the land I was able to cast my vote last week. Around town there are about eight or ten “Voting Centers” where early voting was permitted. The early part started several weeks before the actual Election Day. I know, it was confusing for me too.

I hadn’t planned on voting last week. It just happened. I went to the supermarket and, lo and behold, the Voting Center was over near the beer and wine aisle – and open for business. They did have a sign saying that you couldn’t take a beer into the voting booth. I don’t know why you can’t – it might make voting for some of those people a bit easier.

I did not expect to be able to vote at 5 PM on a Saturday afternoon in the beer and wine aisle, but it appears that it is a very popular spot. According to the local newspaper, more than half of all early votes cast in Terre Haute were cast in the beer and wine aisle at the supermarket. I think that says something about the electorate here.

The electronic voting machines that are used here are not too complicated. Trying to play solitaire on my computer is trickier than these new machines. I still had to wait and let the official vote person (I’m sure she had a real title, but I never bothered to look at her badge.) give me her well rehearsed tutorial. Me saying, “I got it, I got it,” a number of times didn’t get her to stop. She was going to do her duty if it took all day, and it felt like it did. Imagine your Grandmother trying to explain how to use Photoshop to you without actually touching the computer.

When I convinced her to finally let me get to the task at hand it took me no more than 45 seconds to finish voting. There was a choice to make for Mayor and then for the City Council. There may have been a couple of jokers running unopposed for something, but I don’t remember. I tend to skip over those because I figure if they come in and vote for themselves – they’re in. They don’t need me to pat them on their electoral back as if it was a close race.

In the contest for Mayor there were two names on the ballot: the incumbent, running for a third term and a guy whose campaign ads seemed to tout that his main qualification for the job is that he has a brother who played basketball in the NBA.

I don’t mean to sound cynical about it all – No, that’s not true. I do mean to sound cynical about it all because I am cynical about it all.

Wherever I have lived I have voted and, without exception, I’ve seen one public official after another demonstrate the lowest examples of ethics, honesty, and intelligence, all with a power of reasoning on a par with most mollusks.

“Then why don’t you run for office, Kraft!”

I won’t run for office because I’ve already been to elementary school. I didn’t like it then and I wouldn’t like it now. Dealing with clowns, bullies, knuckleheads and the little SOBs who steal the other kids lunches, does not appeal to me.

A solution? Yeah, there is one, but most people get nervous about fallout and growing extra thumbs.

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