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Cafe Insecta

Bug Fest cookoff_appetizersIT OCCURRED TO ME A SHORT TIME AGO that most of this week’s blog postings have to do animals of one sort or another. Today is about:


It seems that BugFest is an annual event put on by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science. I don’t think you could get more natural than bugs

The purpose of BugFest is, according to their website, “ To provide the opportunity for you to interact with entomologists and other scientists so you can continue learning about the fascinating world of bugs. We also feature Café Insecta, where the brave can sample buggy dishes prepared by local chefs.” 

I can say OK to the first sentence of that – but as far as sentence number two is concerned – It ain’t gonna happen. No way. Cancel my subscription. No to you and the cockroach you rode in on.

I’ve always considered myself to be a somewhat adventuresome eater. But I have drawn the line at the Golden Corral Buffet (closed by the Board of Health in Terre Haute {That’s French for, “The rice is moving.”}, and at BugFest 2015 or any other year.

After reading through the opening page of the website about BugFest I have doubts and several questions.

The event has a number of activities for those disturbed people who will attend.

  • Join the moths, fireflies and katydids for an exhilarating evening of nocturnal activities at the Evening Insectival.

It is things like moths, fireflies and katydids that keep me inside in the evening. I suppose showing up with a can of Raid would be frowned upon. I’ll pass.

  • Taste delectable dishes featuring creepy crawlers as a major ingredient at Café Insecta.

BUICK! Excuse me while I place a long distance call on the big porcelain telephone.

  • Bring an unusual bug to the Stump the Experts table.

Excuse me! Excuse me! But isn’t that how the Black Plague of the Middle Ages got started – Introducing unknown infected bugs into the population?

I have also noticed what appears to be a “bug” in their data. They list all of their “attractions,” to use the term loosely, and at the very end they state:

“The best part is, it’s all free!”

Well, whoop-de-doo and hallelujah, but…but… but…then why does it say down at the bottom – Workshop Fee: $10 per person”

Maybe I’m being too fussy. After all, I might make some mistakes like that too after polishing off a big plateful of “Cicadas en Croute” as pictured above.

I shouldn’t have looked at that picture again. If someone in a restaurant put that down in front of me, three things would happen:

  1. I would start hitting it with my shoe.
  2. I would call the Board of Health and keep hitting it with my other shoe.
  3. I would not be able to eat for a week. My digestive tract would be emptier than a Philadelphia Phillies game on Fan Appreciation Day.

Tomorrow we will take a more sympathetic look at our animal friends. It’ll bring a tear or two to your eye. Or not. I really don’t know.

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