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Just Throw It Back

atariEVERY WEEK ON FACEBOOK I see people posting old pictures of themselves or their kids – or even their dogs and cats. The pictures of themselves invariably show them looking pounds slimmer and without any gray hair. The dogs and cats look about the same – just smaller.

They call it “Throwback Thursday.”

I haven’t participated in this because if I want to throw back anything it might be Thursdays. And, anyway, finding a picture of myself looking pounds slimmer and with less gray hair would take some doing, and we don’t have a dog or cat and I don’t want to borrow the neighbor’s dog for something like that.

Looking back through time I have noticed a quirk on the calendar – many of the events that stick in my memory happened on a Thursday.

Now, I know that with only seven days in a week and after the decades of my life, that the odds of having something significant happening to me on a Thursday are pretty much a sure thing.

It was on a Thursday that I had my first day of school at St. Mary’s Elementary School with the Little Sisters of the Right Cross. They were a tough bunch. They all had a Black Belt in Theology.

It was on a Thursday when I reported to the Selective Service Office for my Pre-Induction Physical for the Armed Forces of the United States. For both their sake and mine I failed the physical exam with flying colors.

It was on a Thursday that I had my last class in college. It was that day that I had to face reality that I was well educated and completely unskilled. With a Bachelor’s degree as a Theater Major and a Minor in Political Science I realized that the only things I was qualified to do were either Stage a Coup d’état or to turn Ecuador into a Broadway Musical. (I kind of like the show title “Quito Cuties!”)

Scattered through the years on Thursdays I have met some people I wish I hadn’t. I’ve lost some people I wish were still here.

There are also people and events that have started to fade from memory – sort of like Thursdays themselves. Thursday is one of those days that just sit in the middle of the week, lost in the shuffle. Nobody cares about Thursdays like nobody cares about Tuesdays – nobody except Television Network Programmers and Car Rental Agencies.

One other thing that happens on Thursdays that I would like to throw back, like it was a four inch trout, is that for many teams Thursday is an off day, reserved for travel. On too many Thursdays I feel the pangs of short-term baseball withdrawal.

I propose that if Facebook wants to do any kind of “Throwback” thingy that they just tell everybody to throwback whatever you want – whenever you want. Have a “Throwback Week” every week. If they do that I might join in by throwing back my old MySpace account.

My wife, the lovely and highly artistic, Dawn, who has been busy dying wool in the kitchen, looked over my shoulder at this blog posting and commented that it was very “curmudgeonly” and made me sound like an old fogey.


Apologies for my fogeyosity. I will try to limit my curmudgeonitude tomorrow.

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One thought on “Just Throw It Back

  1. Don’t pay attention to Dawn. Remember, true genius is often misunderstood. I think the idea of a throwback week where you can throw anything back is a brilliant idea. I’d throw back Facebook, a deceased grandmother (if only your idea was in use 20 years ago), and a pet rock.


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