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It’s “Lime Green Wednesday”

LEOPARD-AND-DIKDIKI PICKED “LIME GREEN WEDNESDAY” for no particular reason. If Black Friday can have a color, so can this super-duper sale day. If you want to call it something else, go ahead – I won’t object.

My wife, the lovely and very well read, Dawn and I do have an “Amazon Prime” account. Considering the number of books that we buy the free shipping benefit more than covers the $99/year cost. If I checked back I wouldn’t be surprised that the $99 buck fee is covered within a month or two.

I wonder how much business this highly publicized sale will bring to Amazon. It might be in the millions that wouldn’t be there without all the publicity and the discounts. I know that we will be looking.

The stories about this on the Evening News are talking about the fact that Wal-Mart is going to try to go toe-to-toe with Amazon today. Wally World is also offering humungous discounts on all sorts of stuff.

This could get interesting in a very Creative Accounting way.

Computing Profit and Loss in these retail giants has got to call for bookkeeping gymnastics that would make Bernie Madoff green with envy. I’m not implying that they would ever do anything illegal or even unethical – no,no,no. I mean that they will have their accounting geniuses taking the avalanche of sales figures from the internet and the brick-and-mortar stores and having those numbers dancing Swan Lake.

I doubt that Amazon and Wal-Mart will be offering discounts on everything they sell, but I’ll bet that we might be able to buy a 375 inch flat screen TV for $12 if we time it right.

One entity that I imagine is not thrilled with all of this Lime Green Wednesday business is the U.S. Postal Service. They have enough trouble delivering “Stamps By Mail” – I can’t see them handling a sudden influx of an extra 20 million packages by lunchtime tomorrow.

UPS and FedEx will be able to take care of business as usual. They actually have employees who can read and show up for work without having to stop off to check in with their parole officers.

I do have a couple of questions about this monster discount sale day.

At Wal-Mart: Can I get a discount and free shipping on the chicken wings from the deli? I mean, if you can deliver my lunch – I’m yours.

And at Amazon: Can I buy Wal-Mart Gift Cards from you at a significant discount? After all, I can get to the Wal-Mart in about ten minutes from our abode and those cards could come in handy – and they have hot chicken wings in their deli and you don’t.

I know these seem like petty things to be quizzing these retail giants about while they are trying to move all of those unsold Computers, TVs, and Yoga Pants that their buyers went crazy on last Christmas, but they are important to me.

I’m sure that we will be cruising both the Amazon and Wal-Mart sites today and if we find a good deal on something we want/need you can bet that we will pounce on it like a leopard on a wounded dik-dik.

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