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I Can Feel My Skeleton Fading Away


AS I LOOKED OUT MY WINDOW I saw mountains that still had snow crowning their peaks. The sky was streaked with clouds turning red and orange in the dusk. That sure ain’t Terre Haute (That’s French for, “Place without mountains).

We are just back from our trip “out west” that took us to Salt Lake City for the Annual Church Meeting and for a week exploring southern Utah and its John Ford Movie beauty.

I’ll post some pictures as I write about our adventures.

The fiery evening sunset described above, and pictured as well, was what we saw from our hotel room in Salt Lake.

The Meeting itself kept us pretty tied up. Our farthest exploration was a trip to a local supermarket to stock up on some serious munchies. Six blocks in a hotel mini-van doesn’t earn us any “Jeremiah Johnson” Mountain Man points.

For the first three days of our stay in Salt Lake City I had no official duties. My wife, the lovely and organizationally gifted, Dawn has had several meetings and planning sessions to attend. All of this means that I am serving solely as “Arm Candy.”


I have brought along a couple of books, my trusty netbook computer and my St. Arbucks card. The gods of coffee had guided the hotel to put a real, genuine and official St. Arbucks Chapel right off the hotel lobby.

Give me my morning coffee, a book to read and a comfy chair and I will magically transform into an invertebrate. I can still read, think and drink my coffee, but other than that I change into a piece of boneless chicken.

And I’m not complaining about that.

It is at times like that, when I fully absorb myself in the book, that the chair becomes a cradle and everything else that gets in the way sort of fades into that evening sky and … I think you know what I’m talking about.

It’s for a time like that that I pity the people who don’t read and allow themselves to take the word “Relax” and expand its meaning to the sky.

I have found that when I am into my reading mode you could have the UCLA Marching Band strut by and I wouldn’t notice.

It is in those moments when I am reveling in someone else’s creativity that I find my own creative wings begin to flap. Depending on the extent of my “boneless chickenishness” I will make notes on my ever present Post-it notepad. If I have become as limp as a Dali timepiece I have to trust my memory and we all know how dependable that tends to be.

My only goal for those first few days in Salt Lake City was to do some reading and cobble together a blog or twelve. I hate having to get up too early and throw something together. My ideal situation is to be four or five days ahead, so adjust your timeline thinking accordingly.

The sunsets over the ocean that I used to see when I lived in California and the last rays of the day highlighting the mountain snow in Utah are a wondrous thing. The utter magnitude and the color palette set me down to take it all in. It is like a visual representation of those times when the words on the page overtake everything else. When I can see those sunsets I really feel like I have been given a gift.

And it is always just what I need.

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One thought on “I Can Feel My Skeleton Fading Away

  1. score one for the “arm candy”- would love to have my own comfy cradle-


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