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Ya Gotta Love It

itchy-bear-gifSOME DAYS I SEE SOMETHING in the news that stops me cold in my tracks. Such was the following headline I saw in the NY Daily News.

“Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty costumed characters brawl in Times Square…”

You just can’t make this up. Nobody would believe you.

I gather from the article that the two characters got into a bit of a tiff in Times Square, no doubt traumatizing some children and causing some idiots to yell, “Cat fight! No, make that a Cat and Mouse fight!”

When I saw this item my first thought was that this was another America versus Japan battle. A Disney Mouse up against a Sanrio Cat.

I know, I know – Sanrio insists that Hello Kitty is not a cat despite the fact that it looks like a cat and it is called “Kitty.”

That argument comes from the same culture that insists sushi is actually food and not bait.

There is an old adage that says if you stand in Times Square long enough you will eventually see someone you know. That is true. I tried it one day and after a couple of hours I saw someone I knew whom I had not seen in years. I don’t think the fact that he was being arrested at the time should be a disqualifier. I saw him. I knew him. So there.

The story in the Daily News said that both of the characters were arrested and charged with assault. I would love to be in the room when the police do a line-up. Will they flesh out the line-up platform with Scooby-Doo, The Lion King and Spider Man?

“Well, Hakuna Matata to you too, Pal. Now, step forward and say, ‘I got your Magic Kingdom right here!’”

I would like to know what sparked the fight. What would make two women (Sandra Mocha, 34, of Queens, and Giovanna Melendez, 40, of New Jersey) dressed as fictional characters, start throwing punches in front of the tourists?

Knowing New York as I do I can guarantee that some sidewalk sharpie was taking bets on the fight.

“I’m giving 5 to 2 on the Rat. Whadda ya say people?”

I would love to post the photo of the arrest that ran in the paper, but I’m pushing my luck as it is with the copyright Nazis. So you must be content with the bear in the woods.

I must admit that Times Square has changed since I used to visit New York City on a monthly basis. Back then it was dueling hookers and guys trying to sell me $20 “Rollecks” watches. Now, it’s slugfests between angry women dressed as cartoons.

I’m not sure which is better.

One thing I know for sure – there is a chap that I knew in San Francisco who moved on and has made himself a fixture in Times Square. He still goes by the name of Reverend Billy, I believe. He has also been arrested in Times Square. I wonder if he was there for the “Damnation in Animation” fistfight? He would have made the perfect referee.

Does it seem that everyone I know who goes to Times Square ends up being arrested? This is a disturbing trend. I’d better stay away. 

Sure, there are more important stories in the news, but, c’mon, to top a story like this one – two cartoons punching each other’s lights out in Times Square, you would have to have a front row seat, with unlimited snacks and beverages, in the White House Situation Room.

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