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I Was Just Curious

20150530_121445AS I PULLED INTO THE PARKING LOT at St. Arbucks on Saturday afternoon I was surprised to see someone parked in my usual gimp spot. I know that it’s not my spot, but I just think of it that way – because I have created a totally unjustified sense of entitlement about it.

What surprised me even more about this was that my gimp spot was taken up by a motorcycle – a motorcycle with a “disabled driver” license plate on it.

Say what?

I have never seen anything like that before. I had no idea that such a thing existed. A teeny-tiny little wheelchair logo on the teeny-tiny motorcycle license plate.

That is a picture of the thing posted above.

I didn’t walk over and take a picture of the plate on the back because there were a bunch of other motorcycles parked in the lot and I didn’t want any of the boys to become upset and “Go Waco” on me.

A few minutes later all of the biker dudes started to leave and I was seriously tempted to go chat up the guy headed toward the bike in my gimp spot. He was big guy – motorcycle gang guy – big. All clothing must be custom made or purchased online from some place near San Quentin – big.

My vehicle was parked next to his in the adjoining, someone else’s gimp spot, so I thought that he might pick up that we had something in common beyond the both of us being carbon-based life forms.

I watched him open the storage space behind the seat and put in something small and wrapped in a towel. I started to think that perhaps, just perhaps, I shouldn’t intrude.

I mean, how do you walk up to a strange person, who has both tattoos and scar tissue, who has just stashed something he doesn’t want seen, who has on a leather vest that must have cost the lives of several cows, and say,

“What’s your problem that you are parked in my space?”


“I see you have a handicap license plate on your bike. Why, aside from the obvious, do you have it?”


“Hey, Sasquatch! Where did you steal the Gimp plate?”

You can see why I hesitated. I just couldn’t find the right words that would break the ice without also breaking my spine.

Now, I know that most disabilities are invisible. Most people with a disability aren’t walking around with artificial limbs or guide dogs. It was seeing the plate on a motorcycle that drew my attention. That and the fact that the guy riding it had a look on his face hinting that his disability might be that he wanted to eat the rest of humanity for lunch.

That would be speculation on my part. I’m not a doctor. I’m not even a good patient. My diagnostic skills are rustier than the chassis of a 1973 Volkswagen “Thing.”

Over the years I have learned, often The Hard Way, that my life is better if I just shut up. There is that old saying about “Curiosity Killed the Cat” and, since most cats are more agile and can outrun me, I have found it beneficial to adopt my own saying: “John, STFU.” I think it has saved my life on a number of occasions.

So, to admit having failed at making a long story short, the guy with the GimpCycle drove off into the mist, to join the other gorillas, and I drank my coffee and went to buy some Dr. Pepper at Kroger’s.

He followed the lure of the open road.

I followed the lure of Double Coupon Day.

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2 thoughts on “I Was Just Curious

  1. All sorts of people ride motorcycles. Lawyers, doctors, garbage men, claim adjusters, oyster sales representatives and yes as you may say, “gimps”. No lie, I once saw a dog as a passenger on a motorcycle.


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