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I Think I Need More Medication


IF YOU ARE READING THIS it must be Saturday and thank you for dropping by this end of the hallway. It is Saturday – for you, but I wrote this on Thursday. I try to keep a few days ahead of the calendar just in case something gets in the way and I don’t get anything posted.

Something got in the way.

For most of my life I was a person who never had to deal with allergies.

Well, not completely true there. I have been aware since I was about 10 that I was highly allergic to Sulfa Drugs. Back in those dark ages of my youth I came down with a particularly nasty flu that was working its way around the globe infecting and killing a lot of people. Our Family Doctor, who did make house calls, prescribed a Sulfa based drug to treat my flu. From what I was told later, I was given the drug and scared the Living Bejesus out of everybody by going into some serious Beelzibubbian seizures.

They stopped giving me the drug.

Obviously I survived both the drug and the flu and picked up yet another disqualifying factor for the military draft. I was unfit for military service in so many ways it was just ridiculous.

End of Tangent. Back to the issue at hand, Please.

Sorry about that. I tend to wander off like a small child.

So, anyway. Something got in the way. I have been sick for about a week. I think it is just allergic reaction to the simultaneous blooming of every plant form in the area. They have all been spewing their pollen out so heavily that it accumulates on the car as a fine colorful dust.

I am congested and draining at the same time. Sneezing and coughing every two minutes. It is not a pretty thing to see. I will not post a picture of my pocky corpse with this. I’ll find something innocuous, like – whatever is up there now.

I don’t think that I have the flu or a cold because I’m not running a fever and I don’t have any of the additional body aches and pains that would be expected with a real “sickness.”

So, while you are reading this on Saturday I have every intention of being medicated out of my mind and functionally unable to make a cogent sentence (A lot like the days after I’ve been flying.).

I’m hoping that the rain showers that are predicted will squeegee the air clean of all the pollen and other crap that is driving me crazy. I’m sure that my nonstop wheezing, sneezing and hocking loogies in a variety of colors is annoying the heck out of my wife – the patient and comforting Rev. Dawn. I know that I’m not enjoying spending time with me right now. I’m no fun to be around.

The woman is a goddess.

OK, the Self-Pity Train is pulling into the station. It’s the last stop. I’ll get off now and go inhale some more Coricidin. I considered taking Benadryl, but realized that I could get the same results by hitting myself in the head with a ball peen hammer – and save a few bucks. With the other stuff at least I am conscious, not necessarily lucid, but conscious.

Excuse me now. I’m going to crawl under a blanket and suck on a cough drop. I’ll see you on Monday.

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