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We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

lost at sea


HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEWS story about that chap who was rescued after being lost at sea for 66 days! If I’m correct 66 days puts his launch date in late January. At least he missed all that snow.

The story had pictures of the guy as he was being pulled from his overturned sailing boat after his ordeal, and I’ve got to say, he still looks better than any member of the Rolling Stones.

They interviewed the guy’s father who was much relieved to know that his son was alive. He said that his son was a bit of a solitary soul, a man who liked being alone. Good thing. If you are going to be floating around in the Atlantic for more than two months I would hope that you wouldn’t be worried about messing up your social calendar ahead of things like food, water, and no longer being on the top of the food chain.

If I was planning on going out to sea, which I’m not, I certainly wouldn’t do it alone. I would take along about two thousand other people on a very large cruise ship. I know that, given the recent history of cruise ships, I might come down with some nasty intestinal bug, but at least I wouldn’t have any serious concerns about giving intestinal distress to a Great White Shark. I do not want to be featured at the Four o’clock seating for the buffet on the Lido Deck.

I read in the interview with this fellow’s Daddy that his Sonny was not much of a sailor, but that he had confidence in the boat, that “the boat would keep him alive.” If the boat kept capsizing, like it did three times, I would say that Daddy’s confidence was misplaced. His son and the boat were not a good match.

This guy stayed alive for 66 days at sea eating nothing but raw fish. I wonder if some clever shyster will try to bill him for all that sushi.

Raw fish and rain water for two months. Upon rescue my first request would be for a pizza. And I would swear off fish for a while.

Maybe I’m being a bit cynical here – but judging from how the guy looks after this kind of nautical mishap and the fact that he and Daddy spoke with each other on their cell phones for several days after he was “lost” – I smell something funny – and it ain’t a boatload of raw fish. Unless he had a twenty year old phone – it has a GPS function in it. With that and signal tracking they should have been able to pinpoint his location quick enough for him to have had dinner at home that night.

I’m just sayin’.

If this whole episode is kosher then I am duly impressed with his survival skills. If not – force feed him McFish sandwiches for 66 days. Then let’s see how good he looks.

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