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What An Evening!


WE WENT TO SEE A SHOW last night at a local college – The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. We saw a touring company production of “Mummenschanz” – a show that was a huge hit in the 1980s, running for three years on Broadway.

I have to admit that I have not seen that much toilet paper being put to good use since the day I spent helping out at a Day Care Center.

It was an evening of laughter, giggles, and applause from both the adults and the children who enjoyed a truly unique experience.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with “Mummenschanz” I will explain.

It is a mime show that will not have you slitting your wrists to get away, or wanting to curse the memory of Marcel Marceau. Mummenschanz was begun by a team of Swiss performers who created a black-light and colorful world populated by fantastic creatures that interact with each other and the audience. Without words or music they bring geometry to life. Shapes and beings with ever changing faces of paper, light, clay or tape, express very human behaviors as well as human hopes, triumphs and failings.

Nowhere else would you hear an audience cheer when an unidentifiable blob succeeds in climbing atop a low platform, and then groans when it rolls off the other side and back to the floor.

There is romance and love, disappointment and triumph, skullduggery, beauty, whimsy, and joy – all expressed by impossible creatures and geometric shapes.

The human cast of four, of the most limber people you will ever encounter, disappear from your conscious view as rolls of paper and tape take form before your eyes. It is a show unlike anything I have ever seen before.

This show has been around for forty years, entertaining audiences around the world, beyond the restraints of language and culture. It plays just as effectively in front of sophisticated theatergoers as well as to those who have never seen a live show.

Mummenschanz bills itself as “The Musicians of Silence” and they are indeed most lyrical.

For what is considered the top engineering school in the country, Rose-Hulman has a pretty good performing arts schedule. In a month or so the Rose students will be putting on “Les Miz.”

We have our tickets already.

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