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This Is Not Going To End Well


MY WIFE AND I have been doing some binge-watching. We started with Doctor Who, then moved on to other series – some better than others. Currently we are wrapped up in House Of Cards on Netflix. Without actually looking it up I would guess that this series has about six million episodes. We have just entered Season Three.

A few years ago we watched the original House of Cards on the BBC. In that series, which was only about five or six chapters long, the only detail I recall is that the main character tossed the inquisitive reporter off of a roof. In the Netflix treatment the reporter makes a sudden exit in front of a Washington D.C subway train. Different style, same result: flat reporter.

I have known a few politicians over the years and there was always something about them that made me want to not get too close, and to count my fingers after shaking hands. I’m not suggesting that those whom I met were anything like the Kevin Spacey character in House of Cards, but that may have been caused solely by a lack of imagination on their part.

It occurred to me the other night that House of Cards is, in many ways, a modern dress version of Game of Thrones. While there is less nudity there is no shortage of scheming, back-stabbing, and clandestine meetings in poorly lit hallways.

We are looking forward to the next episodes. Tonight we will try to watch three or, given the state of my geezer drowsiness, maybe only two.

One side effect of watching this show has been our food cravings. We have had BBQ several times so far, but now that the fictional “joint” is closed, we may have to switch to something else – I don’t think it will be to massive amounts of Russian vodka like they chugged last night. That is too expensive and results in horrible tomorrow mornings. I have enough trouble getting out of bed; I don’t need to add hangovers to the process.

I do have to admit that Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are outstanding. They have created and maintained characters that are both alluring in a sick way and repulsive in just about every other way I can think of. The disturbing part of it all is that I would not be surprised to learn that there are some people in Washington who are taking notes.

How will this all end? I don’t know and I don’t want anyone telling us. I see several possible endings that would “work” from a dramatist’s point of view. But whatever they do I’m sure that, short of introducing zombies into the storyline, this tale is not going to end well for the principal characters – at least I hope not. I’d hate to think that the bad guys and gals triumph. That would be too much like real life.

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One thought on “This Is Not Going To End Well

  1. “I’d hate to think that the bad guys and gals triumph. That would be too much like real life.”

    Still laughing over that one!


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