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Happy Birthday !

Shemp Howard

WHILE YOU ARE PROBABLY READING THIS on Friday I am writing it on Wednesday. I try to keep a couple of days ahead just in case I get tied up, figuratively or literally, and can’t prepare anything. One never knows. But – to the point.

Today (Wednesday) is the birthday of two people I have really enjoyed watching work over the years.  

It is the 120th birthday of Samuel Horwitz, better known as Shemp Howard. He was best known as one of the Three Stooges, along with his brothers Moe and Curly Howard. Alex KingstonShemp also worked in films outside of the Stooges. In fact, according to the Internet Movie Database, he had 182 film acting credits. He also appeared on Broadway.

As I’ve stated before, I know that the Stooges are “A guy thing,” and most women look upon us as we laugh and just shake their heads in mystification. But I look upon their work as Art, and Shemp as comedic Monet. His work was impressionistic in that what you saw wasn’t what it seemed if you looked too closely, but if you backed up and looked again you got the larger picture. Water lilies or a Pratfall.

The other person who shares this birthday is a British actress who has worked on series television in both the U.S. and England: Alex Kingston.

In this country she was a regular on the long running series, “ER.” In the UK she has been a very pivotal character in the Doctor Who saga.

She has played a wide range of characters, from Lady Macbeth and Nurse Ratched to the Universe Traveling River Song in Doctor Who.

I just find her to be one heck of an actress who can take often absurd dialogue and deliver it in such a way that it makes sense.

That is quiet a duet, isn’t it? Shemp Howard and Alex Kingston, both born on the same day, separated by 68 years.

I know that things such as this are a matter of opinion and, since this is my blog, I will drool out my opinion.

There is another well known performer who shares this birthday, but I have elected to not include him in this – Chuck Norris. Chuck is 75 today and he was cranking out TV shows where he portrayed the world’s oldest Texas Ranger, doing the slowest karate moves since David Carradine. I mean, Chuck was in his late 60s and his kicks were so slow they were timed with a calendar. A dead man could have sidestepped him.

No offense Chuck.

Well, I guess it looks like I have ended up including Chuck in this thing anyway. Sometimes it just gets away from me. My bad.

One last thing – Chuck, get a new publicity photo. This one has to be from when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth.

Chuck Norris

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