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No Wonder I’m So Tired

pork roast

IT HAS BEEN A BUSY WEEK. I am exhausted. It has been nonstop celebrations all week – one party after another. It’s just too much for a geezer like me.

Let me explain.

On Monday it was “National Old Stuff Day,” and if ever a holiday called out to me it was that one. I am old stuff and I appreciate them having a National Day just to honor me.

As we all know, thanks to all of the soft news stories and ads, that Tuesday was “National Pancake Day.” The folks at IHOP must have buttered up a lot of people to get their very own National Day.

My only question was whether or not I could go into an IHOP on that day and order waffles without being criticized? Of course, there is also the question of whether I would go into an IHOP at anytime without being held at gunpoint.

Wednesday: A day dear to my finicky heart – National Grammar Day. I really do have a sweatshirt that reads “Grammar Police – to correct and to serve.” When I wear it I have noticed that people avoid me.

Thursday the 5th was “National Multiple Personality Day.” To celebrate I took my selves out to dinner. I split a double order of McNuggets and then went to a double feature at a local theater – “Fame” and “The Elephant Man.”

To rest up from Thursday I chose to celebrate Friday quietly on “National Day of Unplugging.” I spent the whole day being acoustic.

Resting up was a good idea because today, Saturday, March 7, 2015 is a day that I have been looking forward to for months. Today is (Fanfare, please)

“National Crown Roast of Pork Day”

I know, I know, how did this day slip up on us so quickly? It seems like we just finished cleaning the roasting pan from last year and here it is again!

It is also “National Be Heard Day,” so for those of you celebrating that day I WILL FINISH THIS SENTENCE IN CAPS SO YOU CAN HEAR ME.

Tomorrow is “National Proofreading Day.” I’m hoping that not too many of you are going to use that as an excuse to go through my blog and nitpick it to death.

I see one glaring omission when I go through the Calendar of National Days at

I propose that an addition to this calendar should be the ultimate National Day of all National Days – “National National Day Day.”

 Nod if you agree.  It will tick off those people WHO WANT TO BE HEARD.

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