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A True Sign Of Spring

Dairy QueenYOU CAN KEEP YOUR ROBINS and your daffodils; I have seen the true First Sign of Spring in our neighborhood. I was driving down the street near home when I saw it. There it was, without a doubt, the one thing that tells me that Winter is on the way out.

The Dairy Queen was open for business!

While the other Dairy Queen stores in the area are open year-round the one in our neighborhood closes after Halloween and doesn’t open until the owner comes back from Florida, or wherever he/she goes for warm weather. I don’t know if the owner is male or female. The only descriptive words I feel secure about using are “Mammal” and “Biped.” After that it would be a guess. But that is a tangent not worth going off on.

This particular Dairy Queen is a holdover from a bygone era. The whole building would probably fit inside our garage – if our garage wasn’t full of all sorts of junk. This Dairy Queen can hold only two normal size employees at a time. I once knew someone who got hired to work there. She was a large person (I’d guess she was about 300#, on a good day.) She quit after three days claiming she felt claustrophobic in there. I think it was such a tight squeeze in there that she had to go outside to change her mind.

This Dairy Queen store has two sliding windows – one for ordering and one for picking up your yummys. The only seating is outside on two concrete benches that have been added since the picture was taken. The parking area is twice the size of the whole joint.

This place is a gold mine.

On a warm summer evening this Dairy Queen will be almost invisible because of the crowd of customers surrounding it. Those “Blizzards” must be addictive because those long lines aren’t there ordering burgers. If anybody wants meat they walk right next door and order up a “Big Buford” from the Rally’s store.  

For those of you in other parts of the country Rally’s is known as Checker’s. Personally I think they should be known as “Instant Irritable Bowel Syndrome’s.”   

But I digress again. Sorry.

This Dairy Queen must surely operate on a low overhead with just two employees on duty at any given time. The freezing treats that they sell aren’t cheap and none of the customers ever get inside the building, so that eliminates a ton of other operating expenses such as seating, restrooms, and barf bags.  It is almost like having a license to print money – cold, sticky money, but legal tender nonetheless.

My diet keeps me away from 99% of their menu. Diet Coke is about it, but to get even that I still have to stand in line and wait my turn at the sliding window. By the time I get there I am parched and order the BIG ONE which is about 600 ounces or so.

If you are ever in Terre Haute, (French for “My A1-C is hitting the ceiling.”), I invite you to stop at this Dairy Queen. I don’t own it. I don’t make a dime by urging you to stop. I do so just so you can have the experience of sucking down a Blizzard and dodging the moths and mosquitoes while inhaling the exhaust fumes from the cars and trucks passing by about 15 feet from your lips.

Bon Appetite!

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