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If Things Don’t Go Well

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YOU ARE READING THIS on Monday. I am typing this on Friday afternoon. Knowing that might help you to understand what follows.

As I type this the sun is shining and the temperature in beautiful Terre Haute, Indiana is 13 degrees, Fahrenheit. I might look back on that as the high point of this weekend.

According to the little Weather Bunny on the local news, we are about to get our butts kicked by a serious winter storm. I’m not surprised by that. After all, it is winter. If this were to happen in July I might be a little concerned.

Miss Robyn, who looks and sounds like an elementary school teacher, has been telling us that, starting this evening (Friday – remember?) we will be slammed by either our most serious snowfall of this winter, accumulations of sleet and/or freezing rain, (There is a difference. Look it up.) and plunging temperatures. Considering that it was 6 degrees below zero this morning I’m not too thrilled.

If we get any considerable snow here it will cause transportation problems. The main streets will get plowed and salted, but we folks on the residential side streets will have to use the old way of getting our streets cleared. It’s called Spring.

If we can get out of our driveway and make it to the corner, we will survive. The Chapel at St. Arbucks is only two blocks away. The Kroger store is even a tad closer. With the ability to reach those two spots I feel confident that life, as we know it, will continue. We’ll know more once the snow stops.

Now, I can hear you mumbling, “What about the people in Boston? They have six feet of snow.”

That’s true. They do and I’m glad it is them and not us. They live in Boston, for crying out loud! They should be used to it. Boston is a wonderful town with wonderful people, but I’ll bet that I can find a legal parking place quicker than they can. I considered moving to Boston at one time, but rejected the idea because of the weather and the dearth of close-by parking. Instead I moved to San Francisco that has an even worse parking situation, but never gets snow.

Boston: Blizzards that last for months.

San Francisco: Earthquakes that last 10 seconds, and if you’re lucky, open up some new parking once the debris is moved.

Terre Haute: No earthquakes, no month long blizzards and available parking all over the place.

I made the right choice.

But now the WTWO Weather Bunny is telling us to start working on our Boston Accents, because we are about to have the boom lowered squarely on our little Hoosier heads.  

I knew there was a reason I didn’t like that young lady. I was willing to overlook her chronic inability to read the teleprompter, and her repeated mispronunciation of former Beatle Paul McCartney’s name as “Paul McCarthy!” There are some disgruntled Baby Boomers around here who are oiling up their torches and sharpening their pitchforks.

Now, back to the issue at hand.

I try to post something on this blog every Monday through Saturday. I take Sundays off – I’m a purist. If nothing pops up on Tuesday (tomorrow, remember?) or Wednesday it probably means that either we have been interred in snow, the power is out due to the sleet/freezing rain, or my wife and I have headed down to Texas for an impromptu family reunion.

So – we’ll sign off now. Until next time. And that’s the way it is. Goodnight Chet. Peace. Abba de – abba de – abba de – That’s all, folks.

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