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I’m No Longer Ready For Some Football

football muddy


I ADMIT IT – I’M A BASEBALL FAN, but this weekend was all football, all the time. There were four NFL Playoff games on the tube and, given the crappy weather, I sat there and watched most of them. My brain is now feeling like a clump of trodden sod.

The first game was the Baltimore Ravens vs. the New England Patriots. I was nominally rooting for Baltimore for two reasons: The Ravens used to be the Cleveland Browns and, by winning, the Ravens’ victory might remotely rub off on the Browns memory. Nah, not really, but the last time a Cleveland sports team won a championship was in 1964, I think. They must feel bad.

I was also pulling for Baltimore because the Patriots continue to be besmirched by a head coach who practiced and condoned cheating. That and my wife REALLY despises him.

The next game on Saturday was the Carolina Panthers vs. the Seattle Seahawks. I didn’t have a dog in that hunt. I watched merely to avoid going out in the nasty cold weather outside – and to wonder at the utter ugliness of the Seahawk’s uniforms. I don’t know who thought that dark blue goes well with day-glow greenish-yellow, but I assume that person has some serious vision problems.

Sunday’s games actually got me personally involved.

The Dallas Cowboys vs. the Green Bay Packers – oh, yes – I and my wife both actively rooted for Green Bay. I’ve never been to Green Bay. I have been to Dallas. That alone should be enough to explain my enthusiasm for the Packers. A number of the Texas Family are Cowboy fans. I don’t hold that against them and they don’t hold it against me being a “Yankee.” Well – yes they do, but just a bit. Sorry, I can’t undo that.

I never get the feeling that the Packers feel that they are owed allegiance by the sheer fact of their existence. Dallas, I fear, actually believes their own hype about being “America’s Team” and all that. Right, nobody outside of the Cowboy locker room and front offices can swallow that without gagging.

The last game on Sunday was the Indianapolis Colts vs. the Denver Broncos. That game brought discord into our chateau. My wife, love of my life, was cheering for Denver – check that – she was cheering for Peyton Manning. She has not forgiven the Colts for cutting him loose a few years ago when he had surgery. I can get that, but he recovered nicely and moved on. Such is the nature of Professional Sports.

I was pulling for the Colts. After all, Terre Haute (French for “What is that smell?”) is just an hour or so from Indy.

I would say that Indy won the game, but I think it would be more accurate to say that Denver lost it. Manning had a bad day. He was overthrowing on his passes all afternoon – very unlike him. It got to the point that the broadcasters began to speculate that perhaps it is time for Peyton to consider retirement. I leave that decision to Manning and his financial advisors.

Personally, I have seen thousands of commercials with Peyton and he has good comic timing. I think, if he does decide to call it quits, he would have no trouble getting booked into comedy clubs around the country.

Peyton – Sweetie, Baby, Cookie, Honey – let’s talk. Go out and buy a few good writers to come up with some good material and hit a few “Open Mics” to get your chops. You’ll be Middleing within a few months and Headlining within a year.  Hey – it’s a job and nobody will be trying to rip off your head. Well – maybe the critics in San Francisco might, but don’t you pay them no never mind.

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